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AmmaBoss Jun 11, 2020 3:05pm | Post# 81

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Used a test account so the balance was low around 80 USD
-Today results in 63 trades
-only 3% profit
Moving to the 5-minute timeframe, slippage is way too much currently couple with the high commission resulted in a very stressful day.
-Commission paid - 30% of the account.
-Amount lost due to slippage around 20-30% of the account.
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AmmaBoss Jul 14, 2020 6:19pm | Post# 82

After taking a period of 2 months trying to reduce slippage to zero which I was unable to do.
I discover A basic rule the market always follows however it is so extremely well hidden and goes against every traditional trading rules down to the most basic.
As such I am convinced that 99% of traders will continue to lose, there's simply no - way around it from the second you are exposed to anything on the internet it's unlikely you will ever succeed in trading.
Good Luck to you all, I believe I have found my way so my journey shall end here

metta87 Jul 14, 2020 9:28pm | Post# 83

I believe I have found my way so my journey shall end here
Does your edge still hold ? do you mind telling a bit on how you used to trade and are you still using range bars ?
Also, why have you stopped updating your trade explorer, you seemed very confident about your edge at the beginning but now...

AmmaBoss Jul 16, 2020 12:13am | Post# 84

The issue with the method stem from the fact that I was actively trading indies which naturally have a slower execution time than forex currency as such huge slippage was occurring on the IC Market live platform on ActivTrades not so much but due to their leverage being 30:1 they were not a viable broker for me.
The issue was compounded as I live in a country that known for money laundering as such getting a more suitable broker was difficult.

I tried various methods to handle the slippage.
EA (learned to code )
upgrading my internet
as well as 100's of adjusting base on charting.
In the end, I realize that there was no way to reduce slippage but I did notice that It was possible to tell when the slippage was going to occur since then my trading has turned a full 180.
I am taking a break from the forex factory as Nothing on this site is of any significance, however, I will put up a TE soon to show everyone that I am not full of shit then I will disappear for good.

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