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RickM Aug 28, 2020 7:52pm | Post# 701

{quote} Hi Rick, Can the optimal settings be roughly determined by the most extreme zone of George's M1 TMA or am I totally off-base?
Hi LearnALot

You have to be like CeeSo. You need to create a excel sheet and record every spike, every extreme TMA move in terms of pips movement, angle and width expansion and then calculate the average pip movement away from various reference points.
This may lead you to the discovery that a market frequency really could exist and the establishment of your final reference point that may give a trader a edge.
Then we have this Angle of Averages indicator which may or may not be of help when trading these expansion moves.
Last night on the live trading room, a couple of traders were also trading the markets using different various settings on the Angles of Average indicator, very few loses were being recorded.
The optimal settings I am using is fixed for my chart but still in development for the indicator.

My opinion is the trader who can master the grind may just master the markets. The angle of averages indicator is one of the best tools I have found that seems to offer a trading edge when faced with a major grind.
Give me a month to research whether it is a winner or not.

Cheers Rick

LearnALot Aug 28, 2020 8:25pm | Post# 702

Got it! Thanks for providing direction.

juangecko Sep 6, 2020 8:19am | Post# 703

{quote} Hi, BubaYaga is right there. The thing is you can't use same lot sizes to create triangular hedge. Example: I took current rates in the morning: - EURUSD: 1.08593 - GBPUSD: 1.24682 - EURGBP: 0.87088 1. Buy 1 lot of EURUSD for 1.08593 -> you bought 108 593 EUR for 100 000 USD (+108 593, -100 000$) 2. Sell 1 lot of GBPUSD for 1.24682 -> sold 124 682 GBP for 100 000 USD (-124 682, +100 000$) 3. How many lots of EURGBP I need to balance hedge? From 1. and 2. we have on our account: (+108 593, -124 682) USD was balanced (-100 000$ + 100 000$...
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