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scherzi Jan 2, 2020 8:26am | Post# 1

Recommended Strategies on Forex Factory - Real Traders
Hi all.

I have spent many years in this business and cannot remember one reasonable good thread on FF about any trading strategy. I have my own strategy that works fine for me and, for sure, I have not developed it from anything I have ever read here, in FF.

Therefore, if any real trader is reading this post. Do you know of any FF thread that provides valid information about any trading strategy and that forms part of your trading strategy?

I mean, have any of you found or developed any technique or strategy based on anything found in Forex Factory that works for you and you utilise it with real money?

I am just curious because I am always willing to learn from others, but I hate losing my time reading mantras and diverse crap, especially from consistent losers and demoers.

Said this, I will add the only FF thread I have actually found useful here. I do not follow at all the strategy mentioned on it at this moment, but I have improved my analytical skills incorporating some of the ideas within.

This TMA strategy has a lot of ideas and is an interesting study field. I am a scalper, so I have a different approach, but the concepts explained on the thread have some application to my own trading style.

scherzi Jan 7, 2020 12:42pm | Post# 2

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tiborf71 Jan 10, 2020 5:38am | Post# 3

one approach is to trade always in the direction of the trend and let the position run.
it's not complicated.

Empiric1 Jan 10, 2020 7:16pm | Post# 4

Hi Scherzi,

Been reading FF off and on for 10 years...the most useful trading system for me was at the link below. I use modified versions of a couple of the methods described there.

Good luck to you,

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