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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 5:03am | Post# 1601

No positions in the Market. I'm going to leave Mama alone and I'll go study to my charts!

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 5:21am | Post# 1602

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Stubborn... (and wrong, today!) Ready to bank at the first sign of weakness... m5
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 5:23am | Post# 1603

605... banking some. Usual tactics.

Will 600 hold? or 590? Let's see... OODA!

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 5:38am | Post# 1604

I, me, myself... Master and Commander.

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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 5:40am | Post# 1605

These guys are great. (And I am still wrong... not enough Bulls, here.)
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 6:57am | Post# 1606

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Floor and Ceiling: DAX m1.
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:32am | Post# 1607

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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:33am | Post# 1608

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Banked... immediately. Click. Done.
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:36am | Post# 1609

Just a bounce and no more? We'll see. Patience.

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:41am | Post# 1610

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Banked some again... and two!
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:46am | Post# 1611

Come on, guys... I'm not there anymore. All positions already closed.
I have not a stop down there.

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:48am | Post# 1612

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Banked again... thanks for the entry opportunity!
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:49am | Post# 1613

Made a killing! No mercy.

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 8:52am | Post# 1614

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Now I'm light and ready... Stop in place.
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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 9:04am | Post# 1615

Hit...but - now- nothing to complain. Indeed. 54+73+15 -10 only in this last mission at the main Support Area.

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 9:08am | Post# 1616

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Banking and stop repaid!

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Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 11:04am | Post# 1617

I'll go study to my charts!
The origin of my mistake? An error in reading yesterday action!!!
I didn't get what really happened.
And I saw it clearly opening the mt4 platform in this very moment.
Misteries of "Perception."
We always see what we want to see, that is the sad truth.

As I said thousands of times... I don't care a straw about the bottom line. ...and mine is deep in green!

st1 Jul 5, 2019 11:16am | Post# 1618

selling mode since yesterday's london open. i saw 'them' coming in that night.

bulls make money. bears make money. choose your team and follow them

st1 Jul 5, 2019 11:23am | Post# 1619

{quote} DAX m5... yesterday! {image}
yes i saw them coming. and flowed with them up to the north. scout even survived to the london open lol
but then.. i changed the direction and flowed down to the south. and today sell for me only

Jupiter Jul 5, 2019 12:11pm | Post# 1620

bulls make money. bears make money. choose your team and follow them

That's it. Perfect, And we two, we know the meaning of that sentence.
Hey... I didn't register the confirmation yesterday... and this morning was sincerely convinced there was space for another North attempt!
So I decided to remain with the bulls.
But not in the classic stubborn retailer way. I played my "in and out" with enormous success.

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