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Penguinthief Mar 14, 2019 6:51pm | Post# 1

Scraping Ideas/Signals EA?
Evening all,

Quite interested to see how much value people would see on an EA that scalps several places throughout the internet to collect and 'judge' readily available signals/ideas.

For example, collecting all of the ideas from, and some twitter accounts.

Extras could be that all the signals on each region of tradingview are collected (US/UK/FR/DE...etc. all collate signals separately), and compared.. Assume we then collected 3x BUY signals for EURUSD within a 30min timestamp, that would be classed as a good indication to trade. Equally, we could backtest all signals and be able to give users a rating, and automatically trade high rated posters signals.

Additionally, we could then add in the twitter scalping, and other websites. For twitter it could be posters with known formats ( or we could just search for hashtags (#GBPUSD) and try and use AI to dictate what kind of action to take (either by trying to parse, or by looking at positive/negative sentiments alongside keywords like BUY or SELL. Therefore, if we have 2 signals on tradingview for buying GBPUSD, and a positive sentiment trending for BUY and GBPUSD, we'd open a trade.

Really keen to understand if people would think this could be a reasonable EA method?

Penguinthief Mar 14, 2019 7:34pm | Post# 2

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As an example, I've coded up a scraper for TradingView. Here is some data I've grabbed earlier (containing a total of 4000 signals from UK/US/FR/DE...region WWW is US btw):

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Note the highlighted area... 4 signals within 2 minutes from 4 different users... 3 SHORT, 1 LONG. Below is the graph:

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Name: Screenshot2.png
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If we would have gone with the majority, we could have done nicely (depending on TP/SL of course).

Penguinthief Mar 15, 2019 3:12pm | Post# 3

Really interested to hear if people have used/heard-of similar methods before, and if people think it may work?

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