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roughtrader Jul 19, 2015 5:14am | Post# 81

forex is not gambling it is investing. but if you are jumping into the markets without education
and think you will become a millionare over night as many unfortunately do, then it is like gambling, but thats the same for everything.
trading forex or any market is not easy, there is a lot of effort and hard work to be good at what you do as with most other professions,
trading is no different. if you don't like to gamble, and I don't blame you, you should educate your self before you start to trade real money

OlafSwensson Jul 22, 2015 8:48am | Post# 82

There are two opposite types of responses. The first one - simple and easy to earn - enough to get a basic knowledge from the Internet, or courses, then open a trading account and enjoy success. Second one - on the contrary - to earn in Forex is almost impossible, is a gamble, like a casino, only chance of winning is less. In my view, trading primarily - competent management of the commercial capital, resulting in income.

brokeinpa Sep 1, 2015 7:12pm | Post# 83

However, I keep seeing people say "trading Forex nothing but gambling" in many places, even scattered around this forum. If that's the case major banks are basically gambling with peoples money? Banks are as far as I know pulling huge profits from Forex trading every year. Why is it supposedly gambling for me but not for them? I guess they can trade differently and with more resources than I do. But in the end they need to be able to see into the future just like anyone else to make a profit. They can't just be "better gamblers" than I am, can they?...

I started in casinos. Tho my parents were in the market. my mom very successful until the tech bubble crash.

"pip chasing"/scalping like alot of guys do on here is nothing but gambling, speculating that the market will increase for a small profit.

I suggest reviewing economic data constantly, understanding the international market, finding out when major announcements are happening ect rather than "pip" hunting. scalping is fun at first and all, especially when you make a few bucks fast.

Honestly, if you aren't on elite tier technology that means you mr average trader are viewing improper quotes. That is why all you are doing is gambling at a disadvantage no different than a casino. luck happens but so does eventual basic math. thats why 90% of traders in forrex lose or something like that.

my philosophy is the market fluctuates very extreme yet very predictable for the most part.

easy example. cdn vs usa... 9/1/15... does anyone think that the cdn can go down more........ yes when it comes to "pip trading" however, it is extremely unrealistic that we will see a major decline in the cdn as international trade is so closely intertwined and canada is a major player. their currency has been effected by the oil dropoff and will rebound greatly vs usd once opec meets.

countries like the zar... if you like risk and long term... put an order in for a currency crash. it's inevitable.

there is alot of money to be made, just don't expect to get rich quick. unless you have firsthand knowledge on something.

market is rigged more than a blackjack deck consisting of nothing but aces. understanding the fluctuation is an artform.

gabanda Jan 25, 2016 9:44pm | Post# 84

Forex and gambling are two different things. Forex can not be equated with gambling because gambling and forex is a different matter. if we want to succeed in forex then we need to be able to have the skills and knowledge trading well. In contrast to gambling where only rely on luck. In forex we can not count on luck

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