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david_akc May 9, 2008 2:32pm | Post# 1

David savage account: live or die trying
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Hi there,

Had a fight with family about my constant obsession with failing the forex and neglecting the real money which is work. So as of today I am using my wife account and shall savage whatever is left after she had almost blown it away.

The below attachement is a testament to all bro and sis then I shall try to rescue this account from $8 to hopefully $80 by end of May.

My system is very easy. Check under

It is base on TD trendline break confirm by MACD punching through the triggerline. It does not need the big trend to ride on however it would be good. And it is base on 30min chart. Alternate between 4hr chart to confirm its breakout.
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GulfCoastPip May 9, 2008 2:38pm | Post# 2

Good luck with that David! Remember that most full-time traders have blown at least one live account! Again, good luck.

pacosan Feb 15, 2011 1:42am | Post# 3

was it saved
Hi there,...

Hey, so did you rescue the account? How long did it take you?

david_akc Jan 10, 2012 3:35am | Post# 4

nope. Had to close it and withdraw whatever is left.

However after 5 years I managed to understand how to play forex and currently hitting my first profitable year in 2011.

I know capital outlay is small but I was told I need to double my initial capital to play it full time.

I don't play demo anymore. The feeling of losing real money is not there.
I had double or even triple my demo account dozen time only to lose big when I play for real.

So this time I play for real but to double it within the first year.

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