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flashpaul Aug 13, 2018 12:49pm | Post# 1

Two MACDs in M1
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Hi to everyone!

This is a thread for newbies who wants to do scalping in M1.


- Two Macd_Colohist_Alert


- Two Emas

233 and 144


Give a look to M5 to confirm the tendence.

Buy when Ema 144 is up 233. The price is up these Emas, Macds are both blue.

Sell when Ema 144 is down 233. The price is down the Emas and Macds are both red.

Take profit: 10 pips. Stop Loss: 10 pips more spread.

Pairs: whatever pair with low spreads and good volatility.

Time: Due my time zone, I do work from my 12:00 hours of the broker until to achieve my goal.

What is important is to be in the principal trend as shown in M5 ant M15 too.

Price should not to be so far from Emas because retracement my be always possible.
It is preferable to open trade when price starts to go far away from Emas.

Advantages: the indicators doesnīt repaint and have alerts. But you must to combine alerts.
The alerts are just in time.
The setup is quite confident.

Dis-vantages: it does take time to wait for alerts to combine one two other.

It should be very good to have an EA which can advise when setup is fit.

More experienced traders may can meet other setups to do more entries using Macd and Emas even capturing retracements, when the price comes back to the Emas and the macd is curving coming back to the zero from a overbought or oversell situation.

For this reason, any suggestion will be appreciate.

Adivse: This strategy seems easy, but a look to the actions of the price before own session trade may be useful. A look to M5 for principal tendence and the increasing of minimum and maximum which may anticipate the cross of the price behind the Emas from down to up and from up to down.

Suggestion: if you receive a good advise, but the price is pretty far away from the Emas, you can set a pending order at the 10 pips price level more close to the Ema.

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flashpaul Aug 13, 2018 12:56pm | Post# 2

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[attach] Due Macd 2.PNG; 2941445 [/ attach]
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T4Trade Aug 13, 2018 7:15pm | Post# 3

this system is similar to fx prime 1 min scalping system,

one Nigerian trader also made the combination of 360 and 144 EMA crossover for entry,small time frames have big noise and scalping requires huge experience.

i recommend to break down your lot sizes to mini lots of 0.02 of 5 instead of taking 1 lot of is very unreliable business,Trading is not a race,its a marathon.

flashpaul Aug 13, 2018 9:00pm | Post# 4

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Quattro esempi di operazioni: [attach] Due Macd 4.PNG; 2941914 [/ attach]
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flashpaul Aug 13, 2018 9:05pm | Post# 5

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Upgrade of the template with alerts
! Two Macd M1 (2).tpl

flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 9:56am | Post# 6

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GBSUSD trending down.
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flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 10:16am | Post# 7

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GBPJPY opportunities:
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Name: Two Macd 6.png
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flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 10:45am | Post# 8

All the trades have been signalized by the alerts which have to be synchronized (red with red; blue with blue).

There is also a five years old thread with three macd, but indicators and EA are no more available.

It should be very interesting to have an alert when two macd do have the same color.

In analysing the graphic, the eye must quickly check:

- Is the price beating against a resistance as a round number? It may mean a next inversion.
- Is the price running to break the Emas making maximum descending or minimums increasing?
- Is the price above or under the emas, or at least breaking them in one direction when two macd match the same color?

Take care to not opens trades when the price is running towards, very close, round numbers. Round number may reject the movement. Better is to open trades when the price is leaving, above or under, the round number.

Ryder Aug 14, 2018 10:58am | Post# 9

Flash, thanks for sharing. What win percentage have you experienced, once one becomes proficient?

flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 11:04am | Post# 10

[quote = T4Trade; 11364366] questo sistema č simile al sistema di scalping fx prime 1 min, un operatore nigeriano ha anche realizzato la combinazione di 360 e 144 EMA crossover per l'ingresso, i piccoli intervalli di tempo hanno un grande rumore e scalping richiede una grande esperienza. ti consiglio di suddividere le tue dimensioni di lotto in mini lotti di 0.02 su 5 invece di prendere 1 lotto di 0.10.Forex č un affare molto inaffidabile, Il trading non č una gara, č una maratona. [/ quote]

Thank you for the answer. I gave a look to the thread, but I am not quite convinced.

My goal is to have a simple scalping system with clean graphic, few reliable indicators and his alerts.

In scalping you canīt lose time analyzing too many indicators.

I know that indicators are not enough to do right entries. It does need a bit of experience about the behavior of the price and a control about own emotions, which means "follow the rules" If you are an experienced trader you can also get out of the rules, but at least you have simple guide lines.

There is another argument which I want to front later: methods to recover losses. This means also, as usual, money management.

flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 11:16am | Post# 11

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GBPJPY observations:
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Name: Two Macd 7.PNG
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diamonddbw Aug 14, 2018 11:19am | Post# 12

Nice work. Please continue. Thanks

flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 11:29am | Post# 13

[quote = Ryder; 11366998] Flash, grazie per la condivisione. Quale percentuale di vittorie hai vissuto, una volta acquisita una competenza? [/ Quote

You are welcome.

I have opened this thread more over to share this strategy and to improve the method with the experience of other traders than to share results or ability.

In my opinion most of the strategies are good: the diference is in the mental attitude of the trader and his discipline.

As I did read, Forex is the easy way to make very difficult money.

Scalping is this too.

My purpose is to share results by and by, but may happens that somebody can be more good than me!

flashpaul Aug 14, 2018 11:50am | Post# 14

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