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FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:31am | Post# 1


What I am about to show and prove to you within this thread is rather unheard of.
In a nutshell, I will present some of the tedious work I have done over a period of 1.5 years (for FREE!) and within more than 230 videos (UPDATE: now ca. 300 videos over ca. 3 years).
While I am a member of forexfactory for many years now, I decided to FIRST invest that work into creating that valuable content before becoming more active on this forum.

Believe it or not, but I hereby show IN DETAIL how:

- the FX markets (the world's biggest financial markets) are completely MANIPULATED by a cartel of price makers ("Smart Money Algos")
- the FX markets are NOT driven by supply and demand at all (as many people assume)
- the members of this cartel of market makers / investment banks / brokers / funds cooperate in order to eventually move the price against the majority of uninformed market participants, this day by day
- certain phenomena are predictable, such as price runs to bigger stop accumulations etc.
- there are several meta-levels to the game (however, I do NOT fully disclose these)
- how the SM uses dark pools in order to implement that price manipulation
- to a certain degree this market manipulation may actually be necessary and sometimes even beneficial
- there are ways to trade some of these scenarios (see live trade videos below)
- etc.

For whom this thread is intended

This thread is intended for actual, serious traders (beginner, intermediate, professional) who:
- understand that there is NO get rich quick scheme in FX
- understand there is no way to cheat in FX
- are willing to invest the necessary hours in order to really understand how the markets actually work
- are serious about trading and view it as a business rather than a hobby
- understand the importance of risk management and the existence of drawdowns
- appreciate the UNIQUENESS and high value of the content I am showing you herewith
- are open-minded, have a willingness to learn and STUDY the markets in detail rather than GAMBLING (as the majority of retail traders does)

Who is NOT WELCOME in this thread

This thread does NOT WELCOME that infamous breed of commentators who enjoy visiting every thread just to leave useless, cynical, vulgar, destructive, unprofessional comments.
This here is NOT for you! Just ignore this thread and leave, rather than wasting everybody's precious time and energy!
If you believe that the content shown is boring, then you have no clue about what FX is really about.

I will not be shy of re-posting the following sentence if necessary:

I have posted ca. 300 free videos LIVE over a period of ca. 3 years, predicting the next price moves with a 90% probability.
As stated, I have provided this content for FREE and the people who were aware of that content benefitted from it.
I now give you a chance to also benefit from that work, in whatever way you choose to do so (i.e. incorporating that secret knowledge into your own systems etc.).


Similar to FXHard (some people may remember him from the SSBO thread), I will be STRICT with regard to how this thread is to be used.
Once more, PLEASE REFRAIN from filling up this content-focused work with any B.S. I am basically spoon-feeding you here. The least I can expect is that you FIRST do your basic homework by investing a minimum of hours into watching the videos I posted below.

- watch the videos (as many as you less than 10!)
- analyze what I am doing there
- think about how your own approach to the markets coincides / crashes with the content shown
- ask content-wise questions
- leave me a short THANKS if you were able to use the knowledge I am presenting to your advantage (I invested 1.5 years in creating it, so why not take 1 minute to express appreciation)
- respect my privacy (I trade full-time for more than 5 years; that should be enough)
- follow ethical principles
- always watch the TONE of your statements, otherwise your post could get removed

- make useless, cynical, vulgar, destructive, unprofessional comments (if you do, you will be added to the marked commentators list below, if necessary)
- ask me to send you anything (including indicators, templates, tools etc.)
- ask me to sell you anything
- ask me to coach you
- ask me to recommend you good brokers
- ask me to sell you an EA
- ask me to sell you trade signals
- ask me for mutual sharing
- ask me for trade recommendations
- ask me for investment advice
- ask me to send you power point slides
- ask me for trade opinions
- ask me to comment on your live trades
- ask me to trade for you
- ask me how I was able to figure all this out
- ask me about details regarding the 'meta-levels'
- ask me for additional information
- ask me about my personal background etc. (the content should speak for itself)
- see me as your guru
- expect me to answer each and every question posted
- complain about the bad quality of the older videos
- try to steal from me in any way...I will find out
- do NOT DARE to steal any screenshots / content / knowledge / principles from here in any way
- try to promote your products here
- expect me to answer all of your comments etc.
- do anything illegal
- post countless screenshots of indicator-based systems

Special Note:
My own, future participation in this thread is correlated with you, the COMMUNITY, respecting the clear rules I have stated above. I do not mind funny jokes, but I do mind commentators taking on an aggressive, unfriendly attitude towards other people who are helping each other to become better traders. The less happy I am with regard to how things go, the more I will reduce my own participation here. After all, I do value my personal time a lot, so sorry.
Also, respectfully, I do NOT need you in any way, but I do have general GOODWILL towards anyone who behaves professionally and shows goodwill towards me and what I am delivering here.

Note: Unless stated otherwise (i.e. "historical progression"), all screenshots shown were uploaded immediately (max. few seconds delay).

What I am delivering here is in my personal, humble opinion nothing short of PEARLS (experienced traders will easily see that). The VERY LEAST I can expect from YOUR side is to refrain from being SWINE!

PLEASE do NOT waste the precious time of people who understand the value of what I am showing here; rather go somewhere else and do your own thing.
For the ones who still cannot believe what I am clearly proving to you here on the basis of elaborate, HARD EVIDENCE, I can only say:
Anyways, please do your best to NOT end up on the 'marked commentators' list below!

List of marked commentators, 'Hall of SHAME' (LIFE-TIME BAN):
- redoktober (30/05/2018) (see post 1,614 for a summary of redoktober's documented offences) DEFEATED
- pooh123 (30/05/2018) DEFEATED
- billytt (30/05/2018) DEFEATED
- LuXing (07/06/2018) DEFEATED
- dukas trader (24/06/2018) DEFEATED *membership revoked*
- vinividivici (10/07/2018) DEFEATED

Note: Ppl. listed here have done sth. REALLY wrong and WITH INTENT, such as making offensive statements without having looked at any content provided here and then decided to not apologize when they were offered the chance etc. Friendly behaviour will ALWAYS be responded with friendliness from my side.

Under this section I may add additional information / general comments at a later stage, with respective dates.

22/05/2018: If you want to call this approach Algo Killing, you are welcome to do so.
22/05/2018: Do not waste time trying to replicate what I am showing you. It is almost impossible. I warned you.
22/05/2018: Yes, I kind of developed my own language. Feel free to ask respective questions in case sth. is unclear.
22/05/2018: The more I am happy with the development of this thread, the more knowledge I will post here.
22/05/2018: As stated, the indicators shown are NOT based on the price, but do show actual orders, positions, limits, stops etc.
23/05/2018: New rule: before you make comments, please watch at least 10 videos! Thx!
23/05/2018: Yes, I knew that I am talking to a DM pool here. However, some of you will be able to change from DM to Semi-Smart M.
23/05/2018: Yes, my style is strict, but that is necessary. I do have goodwill towards you. They don't.
23/05/2018: As you can see, I designed things to be as intuitive as possible.
23/05/2018: I am not interested in a quick buck. Instead, I go step by step. If you deliver, doors will open and bring you rewards.
23/05/2018: Do NOT start trading yet! No quick bucks for you or for me! LEARN first! Every minute invested is worth it.
23/05/2018: This thread is like a collective brain. At this moment, its consciousness level is VERY low. Increase it first. ;-)
23/05/2018: US Department of Justice statement on FX manipulation here:
24/05/2018: yt vid on Pre-Stop Run-Countermove-Principle and Time & Range Principle:
Inserted Video

24/05/2018: I have a right of privacy regarding my person, you do not know anything about me, but the content should speak for itself.
24/05/2018: I do not recommend anyone trying to replicate my tools, unless you have an IQ above 200, 7 years of fulltime work at your hands, substantial programming power and deep knowledge of peripheral subjects related to programming, data, mathematics, statistics etc. Ask yourself, would I otherwise show you what I am showing?
24/05/2018: Thanks for any feedback regarding the latest video above.
24/05/2018: Whenever your believes are based on folklore; rather than on FIRST-HAND, LONG-TERM OBSERVATION, be ready to throw these overboad soon.
24/05/2018: NO QUICK BUCKS. Not for me, not for you.
24/05/2018: Be nice towards nice people, be tough towards bad people. As simple as that.
24/05/2018: Which other questions?
24/05/2018: In all fairness to people who are more sceptical, this does not come from nowhere. Indeed, most ppl claiming "big things" are scammers, have a secret agenda, try to earn fame etc. Not sure how I would have reacted 1o years ago if someone placed the stuff on the table as I do now. At the end of the day, we are all humans.
24/05/2018: Have no fear, and above all, DO THE RIGHT THING. This you will never regret.
24/05/2018: Do NOT place me in any 'category'. This will only limit your own mind.
24/05/2018: EVERYTHING is possible. Do not be blind to outliers as a result of assuming the norm.
24/05/2018: Watch the previous posts. At this point, the thread is still manageable from your perspective, Do not miss out. I will not be forgiving to ppl from the DM pool who will join later on, ask STUPID things that were already discussed and risk the collective IQ to lower again. I warned you.
24/05/2018: CIQ at 40.
24/05/2018: Important revelation of position runs:
Inserted Video

24/05/2018: CIQ now at 43.
25/05/2018: CIQ now at 44.
25/05/2018: Do not cut the arm that feeds you.
25/05/2018: There is a reason why the trade examples in the educational videos goes back to 2014. I invested THOUSANDS of hours of screentime in order to establish that knowledge and then putting it in structured form. So now I am nicely cutting up that steak for you. SHOW me some thankfulness for this TEDIOUS work I did over years and now let you benefit for free. But above all, do NOT show me nastiness. You will be removed.
25/05/2018: Enough questions for now. I have sufficient to do next content.
25/05/2018: Do NOT attempt to fly an F-16 jet with a one-page manual. RESPECT the GAME and what it asks form you.
25/05/2018: New homework.
25/05/2018: See live screenshots from today.
25/05/2018: Video on "news":
Inserted Video

28/05/2018: Video with nice overview:
Inserted Video

28/05/2018: Do NOT DARE to come to THIS thread, just skimming through the first page and then start posting cynical NOT DARE.....this is THE ONE THREAD where you should really RESPECT the rules...........
29/05/2018: CIQ at 46.
29/05/2018: New video on stop hunting:
Inserted Video

29/05/2018: CIQ 47.
29/05/2018: Video on short-term games & fake SR:
Inserted Video

29/05/2018: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Second Chance for EVERYONE here (READ!)
30/05/2018: CIQ 48.
31/05/2018: On HOLD until further notice. Decision from Admins was requested and is waited for, regarding the gross misconduct of 'redoktober' (incl. 'Nazi jokes', 'curses', moving this thread to 'Trading Journal' etc.). See from here onwards:
01/06/2018: Final decision announced soon. Stay tuned.
04/06/2018: MAJOR announcement:
(please READ post 1,614)
07/06/2018: HORRIDO.
11/06/2018: New video on "SM Boldness" (WATCH):
Inserted Video

14/06/2018: As suggested by the Admins, I will make more use of the "blocking" function in order to keep disturbing bloggers out.
15/06/2018: REMEMBER:
I do NOT give any trading or investment advice here. Sorry.
I do NOT recommend you to trade at all, unless you have an own, proven system already and everything you see and udnerstand so far is ADDITIONAL info only. I did not even show 10% of the content I was about to show (while what I showed already goes FAR beyond stops!!!). Look at the low CIQ (!).
And so far I unfortunately do NOT intend to show more, see my long post. This is the status quo at the moment.
So do NOT just place big trades etc. by shooting for obvious stops or sth. like that. Do NOT fly an F-16 with a one page manual.
Watch my trade videos to increase your understanding and your feeling for the dynamics of the market mechanics.
Yes, this is HARD WORK. No quick pip grabbing.
Also, I so far respected the Admins' wish that this thread should not turn into a "circus". With ppl. just making trade suggestions etc.
You are welcome to post your own rationale, postions etc. and I may comment on it if I decide to do so.
Yes, I predicted moves live, but this should not be the norm or the main focus of this thread.
Show discipline.
15/06/2018: CIQ at 50.
18/06/2018: Needless to say, people who did their homework, watched enough videos etc. will be able to better use any screenshots posted as ppl. who did not do the homework.
19/06/2018: Poll on whether I should move the thread back to Trading Discussion (where it was before redoktober moved it away).
21/06/2018: CIQ at 51.
25/06/2018: video: live stop-run EG.
25/06/2018: CIQ at 52.
27/06/2018: CIQ at 53.
28/06/2018: CIQ at 54.
28/06/2018: ANOTHER good session! Horrido!
29/06/2018: CIQ at 55.
02/07/2018: I have challenged my opponents (the SM HENCHMEN) to accept a simple TRADING challenge against me:
Surprise, surpise, they dodged, even though it was me ALONE against them as a group. That should tell you all you need to know about these people with suspicious motives.
02/07/2018: CIQ at 58! Thx vwap!
03/07/2018: CIQ at 59! Thx VEEFX!
05/07/2018: I am back. THX for the support everyone!
05/07/2018: Video on FX industry:
Inserted Video

05/07/2018: New thread on FX scams with video:
Inserted Video

06/07/2018: CIQ at 60!
07/07/2018: THX for the support! LOVE to all!
07/07/2018: New thread EXPOSING RETAIL BROKER TROLLS on the forum:
10/07/2018: Another winner on latest live call:
10/07/2018: CIQ at 61! Well done!
12/07/2018: CIQ at 62! Well done!
18/07/2018: CIQ at 63!
20/07/2018: New poll.
24/07/2018: Welcome new readers who are currently going through the thread post by post. We feel you.
26/07/2018: Well done tonnikala! CIQ at 64!
Inserted Video

02/08/2018: CIQ at 65!
08/08/2018: CIQ at 66! Well done VEEFX!
14/08/2018: CIQ at 67! Well done davidman!
16/08/2018: CIQ at 68!
20/08/2018: CIQ at 70! Well done!
29/08/2018: CIQ at 71!
21/09/2018: CIQ at 72! Cool! Bumb, Mitiblotch, bushy!
21/09/2018: CIQ at 73! Well done, Alehaydn!
24/09/2018: CIQ at 74! Well done, bumb!
05/10/2018: CAREFUL! This thread was moved by SOMEBODY else into the "commercial" section, even though I STILL HAVE NOTHING TO SELL!
29/10/2018: Final announcement:
01/01/2019: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
09/01/2019: THANKS factory for FINALLY REVOKING the TROLL "dukas trader". THX!
10/01/2019: Sorry, I STILL do not sell any indicators, templates, signals or the like. Invest time in STUDYING the FREE knowledge presented!
08/04/2019: Now also H1 charts.
10/04/2019: Almost the 1st anniversary of this thread! Well done!
07/05/2019: Comments on my friend George AUS and his very good thread:
15/05/2019: SORRY; but I am NOT REALLY FAMILIAR with regard to what happened in the dispute between "FXCyborg" and "REDOKTOBER"; I do NOT have time to read about all the fights on this forum. I understand that some people would like me to to give an opinion; but I DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE FACTS. No, I have nothing to do with 'FXCybrog' and if it is true that he made that "anti forex factory website", I do not think that this is the right thing to do. So PLEASE leave me out of all these fights. THANKS.
15/05/2019: HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30/05/2019: announcement:
30/05/2019: Some interesting discussions with VEEFX:
31/05/2019: Welcome back to the family, bluesteele.
15/06/2019: First "Trader to Trader" Podcast with GeorgeAUS!:
21/06/2019: Second "Trader to Trader" Podcast with GeorgeAUS:
22/06/2019: comment reg. G.:
26/06/2019: some good vids:
28/06/2019: Third "Trader to Trader" Podcast with George AUS:
30/06/2019: This is my overview video from 2016 (!):
17/12/2019: Have a WONDERFUL Xmas time!
01/01/2020: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inserted Video

18/01/2020: ENJOY the new video!!!!:
Inserted Video

18/02/2020: Important Poll:
03/03/2020: Poll still open. Use that chance. ;-)
31/03/2020: FINALLY!!!!!! The BIG announcement!!:
13/10/2020: 'TRADER to TRADER' Podcast - Episode 4 with Zoltan:

As you should know already, there is no easy way to achieve trading success in the FX markets. If you are not willing to invest the necessary work, learning and education, you will not be successful, no matter which strategy / approach / analysis you are trying to implement or how you try to implement it.
I do not rule out that this thread will be closed / archived at some point, depending on how it goes.
Last but not least, if in the future I should decide to offer any type of service / product / commercial activity, I will EXPLICITLY disclose that here and ask the administrators to consequently change my status to 'commercial member'. In such a scenario, I will also make a CLEAR NOTE under Updates, accordingly (see above). However, in either scenario, the content that is presented in this thread will remain free of charge.
So I do NOT need you to buy / subscribe / pay anything until for whatever reason I would decide to launch commercial activities and to offer a product / service in any way (in case that I feel that such legit activities would be financially worth it in the first place).
I DO suggest you to take advantage of that FREE knowledge I am hereby presenting and that you improve your own trading accordingly, rather than falling victim to the 'SM Cartel'. I hereby gave you the chance to do so, so do not complain that none of the successful traders lead you in the right direction. I hereby did my part.

Update 01/01/2020: To date, I hever NEVER sold anything here; I have neither asked forexfactory to switch me to "commercial". This was the work of a group of TROLLS; who now have left the forum or have been REVOKED.

This entire thread is for educational purposes only and does not contain or represent any type of investment or trading advice. You are responsible, in full and without exception, for any trades you may or may not do. Always apply reasonable risk management rules to your trading acitivites. I do not do any of the posts and statements within this thread in any professional capacity. Last but not least; you are reminded that you should use this unique opportunity to study and learn. This thread is not a free signal service (!); do not copy my own trades.

New Links 31/03/2020:

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:32am | Post# 2

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:32am | Post# 3

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:32am | Post# 4

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:32am | Post# 5

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:33am | Post# 6

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:33am | Post# 7

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:34am | Post# 8


Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:34am | Post# 9


Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:35am | Post# 10


Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Inserted Video

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:35am | Post# 11


Inserted Video

Inserted Video

Merka May 22, 2018 8:53am | Post# 12

Thanks for your contribution

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 8:55am | Post# 13

"Thanks for your contribution "

You are very welcome, Merka.

akash14 May 22, 2018 11:39am | Post# 14

I like the way how you explained in your first post. Just a suggestion, it would be better if you can speak loudly and clearly as some of the videos are not clearly audible. And I wanted to know how you say shorts accumulated by looking at an indicator
Inserted Video
. Whats that indicator ? What all do you use to analyze?

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 12:31pm | Post# 15

"And I wanted to know how you say shorts accumulated by looking at an indicator"

Hi akash14,

as you may have realized, what you see on the charts there are not usual, price-based indicators.
Instead, what you see is the actual market structure.
To be precise, the actual macro and micro market structure.
So what you see are actual positions, orders, limits, stops etc., not just "measures for the price".
Yes, that is very unique indeed; and yes, what you see there is what I call "causality".

The markets are NOT random at all, nor are they a result of "supply and demand". Rather the opposite.

xy76 May 22, 2018 1:31pm | Post# 16

Hi Fractal Freak, thanks for launching this interesting thread of yours.
I suppose - correct me please, if I am wrong - that the indicator on the right hand side of your charts, vertical columns of multicolured horizontal bars, are some sort of an order volume indicator, with SLs, TPs, EOs and so on, all marked by different colour. Hence my question, if I may: do your charts show a broad marker, interbank, or is it one of the OTC pools of liquidity, created by a broker?

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 1:46pm | Post# 17

"do your charts show a broad marker, interbank, or is it one of the OTC pools of liquidity, created by a broker?"

Hello xy76,

as you can imagine, it is not in my interest to go too much into detail regarding some of the specifics you asked for.
However,what I will say is this:

- Yes, the different horizontal lines represent 3 different types of stop accumulations in the market (short-term, medium-term, long-term).
- Yes, the red and green bars on the right y-axis do show the DM entries (current positions; green for "DM longies", red for "DM shorties").
- The info shown cannot be replicated with any order book, any OTC or other pool, or any combination of these (trust me).
- Yes, the info represents the "broader market".
- No, it is not the LP of one or several brokers.

I suggest to watch the videos and to learn what is going on in the market. This knowledge will help you with a lot of different things; including system development and improvement. Trust me.

Redbaron81 May 22, 2018 2:00pm | Post# 18

any chance on sharing these indicators? Or this is just something average person will never access to? I mean Banks are able to see all position from different "marker makers" as they fill their orders...from what i underhand at least. You work for a bank or just have access to their order book?

FractalFreak May 22, 2018 2:04pm | Post# 19

look at this screenshot...........then look at it once more.........think carefully about what that implies..........

Who is doing that?

Ask yourself; who benefits?
Why do most strategies not work after 3 months?
How is this done?


FractalFreak May 22, 2018 2:06pm | Post# 20

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