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DonPato May 9, 2018 3:11pm | Post# 21

not yet... might you could guide us little, I saw you also had done a thread on order flow
I find repeating myself boring as I'm sure everyone else does. You can find my views in these links:

Best of luck... I was hoping to learn not teach. Many here feel I am either "giving away some long held secret" or I am full of BS and not worth your time. I'll let you decide and you can contact me later if you still want to chat.

COGSx86 May 9, 2018 4:32pm | Post# 22

{quote} yes...tell me one thing...Why do you think 95 out of 100 traders lose and just 5 win? Do you believe that successful traders the "5%" take trades just on high probabilities trades??! This is a serious business... just think for a little bit...

IMO there are a number reasons traders fail.

1) Not enough practice, testing historical data in backtest mode
2) NO mental/emotioanl discipline
3) Not enough money
4) Lifes pressure of paying bills
5) Human psyche as I wanna make money today but you dont and cant accept that
6) Being able to adapt to what the current market is showing you

I could go deeper on each but its a long explanation, and you would be better using the time of testing historical data in backtest mode. MQL market has some good tools. Search - PipFinite Trading Simulator here

headfake May 10, 2018 3:28am | Post# 23

So I'm starting this thread because I think it will be a lot to talk and discuss here. I believe to be profitable on your trades you don't need any type of treand or S&R or something like that... To be profitable you need to trade a long the order flow... I know it sounds crazy but I believe if you know where the order flow is you can be very successful. Unfortunately I don't know where to start... I hope to get some interaction to debate this...
Unfortunately there's no real decent source for order flow out there (the reason must be pretty obvious)and the only real way of learning it is for you to get yourself a decent understand of price and volume which requires lots of work on your part of which you then have to build on with live market experience. Btw supp res is an integral part of order flow.

ramzam May 10, 2018 10:45pm | Post# 24


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