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Magix May 4, 2018 9:41pm | Post# 41

Forex is a fun place to be...well, over the stock market, that is...

Let's look at it.

You buy a stock - $1000 investment, pay traders fees - $20 in and $20 and size of trade dependent...
You are out 4% if you took a trade and got out square.

Do you realize that there are some people that think that, in forex, you should set a 1% trade threshold?

Wait, whut?


Unlike Stocks, where you can be hit with 4% by simply getting into a forex, your threshold is only supposed to be 1%...

Geaux Figga! get's better!!

You are afforded upto what, 1000x your margin with forex and Most Stock Brokers allow for a max of 1:1.


SO...why the fuck wouldn't you put this money to work for you?



You have 1000 available to trade...someplace between 20 and 1000% are you afraid of?

Any stock you sink 1000 into can drop as fast as you can breathe. Any currency you invest in, can drop...but as fast? Will you lose as much??
On a single Trade?'s possible and if you've blown up an account or two - for the record, I have lost track of how many accounts I've exploded using "acceptable risk management", but if you watch and see...exercise a little patience...grow a little brass in DD situations...the one thing that you will come to realize is that:

The Market ain't as hard as you've been told or been trading!

I know...sounds like bullshit...but...the tortoise proved to the hare, slow n steady will win the race...

I will prove it to you again!

Magix May 4, 2018 10:00pm | Post# 42 you want "Risk Management"!

Get a pen and a post-it-note and write this down and stick it to your monitor!

Don't go shopping with your wife on Black Friday or Boxing Day!


Magix May 4, 2018 10:09pm | Post# 43

And for my next trick...tomorrow...

I will show evidence of a 180lb Man Eating Chicken!!

Spoiler Alert...

I am only about a buck seventy-five and will be eating chicken tacos - Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Man - Eating Chicken!

abusaad412 May 5, 2018 1:48am | Post# 44

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We are Human , and a 1 family . Thanks for giving me the chance to be part of it
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Magix May 5, 2018 11:08am | Post# 45

We are Human , and a 1 family . Thanks for giving me the chance to be part of it {image}
Very Generous, dude!

Awesome to have you aboard!

Magix May 5, 2018 11:12am | Post# 46

Pretty sure I am all caught up with everybody that has sent me an email.

If you've donated and haven't gotten copy yet, please send me a PM and let me know.

There were a few emails that I received that hit my junk mail folder and I typically just delete all from there...if I missed ya, this might be the reason.
The other reason might be that I usually have a team doing admin stuffs for me...but this too is another story...

Magix May 5, 2018 11:27am | Post# 47

If you watch the strategy tester with RMHC Hybrid, you will see a lot of time where the EA doesn't take trades and may wonder why?

The idea is to trade towards the Weekly Median, when the most immediate trend is tending towards this target.

Once it reaches that target, it will stop trading and have a nap...this nap will be as long as price is either hovering at weekly median, or until we are tending back to median with the immediate trend tending towards.

There are some periods where there isn't enough of a retrace to allow this to happen, so there are a lot of days on a single pair that you won't see all...

Again...this logic was coded for an M1 chart - make sure to be testing on this.

From past experience with it's predecessors, we've noted that a Minimum of $300 per pair, Minimum $2000 per account are required to trade this at default settings. Pairs that tend to work better are my Magic 7 - but feel free to test as many pairs as possible.


Given the Revolution backside triggering and similar logic - Not including Xuicidez Triggering - Revolution trades well on 21 pairs - See Stats - HERE
These are defaulted settings with one exception - Summ Start Lot is being used - incrementally adds to the previous position on every subsequent instead of all trades being .01, .01, .01, .01, .01, it will trade .01, .02, .03, .04, .05...and continue adding until ALL positions are closed. As there is the potential for stragglers to be left behind, this may end up with some larger trading lot sizes, but only seeing 2-3 trades in play after some closes.

On the initial flights, maybe a good idea to stick with the default Type Lot and work from there - but hey...if we are all just running a maiden on demo anyways...start with a larger account than suggested and let's test the limits!!

Magix May 5, 2018 1:30pm | Post# 48

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I've dropped a Hybrid Template on Post 1 to give an idea what Hybrid is looking at when taking trades.

Apply this template in your strategy tester and during your live trade sessions.

This will give a rough idea of the what's and when's...

As per image below:

MACD at the bottom x2, 1 is for Identifying the Immediate Trend, the other is pullback and triggering trend.

Red Boxes show where Xuicidez took over while the green box shows where they Hybrid or Revolution triggering would be engaged.

Note - When the MACD is below Zero, the logic understands that the immediate trend is selling and will only take trades is the Revolution or Xuicidez settings are left below broker thresholds - ie - Set to 200.

MACD is not being employed with the EA, but this gives a GREAT and quick visualization of the current trend cycles, appreciating that if the H1- 1EMA is below a 3 hour average, we are selling. If the H1 - 1EMA is above the 3 Hour average, we are buying.

Click to Enlarge

Name: hyrbrid tpl.png
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This will come in handy if you are tripping quick trades and using Xuicidez triggering during Active Market Sessions - IE Trading GBPUSD during London or NY trade times. IF you set the Magic Number to Zero on the EA settings, this will engage the EA to work, whether we are moving towards the Homeostatic Median or away from it. can use the EA to help you continue on with the trend by initiating a trade sequence with a Single Trade!

Go Xuicidez by Day and Revolution by Night.
Mix and Match the logic for the pairs as they seem most applicable.

Set a Template for each methodology that you'd personally employ - ie - Scalper - Having Xuicidez set to 0. Hybrid - If left at default. Revolution - if only Revolution is being employed...Make sure your settings match with what you see and when you see fit, simply toggle the Template to Toggle the settings for a quicker response time.

Magix May 5, 2018 1:39pm | Post# 49

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Both the profitability and risk from this ea come from it's logic to try and Grid out the Worst Position taken.
This too is where our Friends in the US will have issues, given the FIFO regulations.

IF the SUM of a sequence of trades is enough to close out the worst position in tow and an Exit Trigger is present, it will close out these series and reload to try again.
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The value of this is that price can continue to move away from your worst positions, while the logic is continually taking small pieces of profit along the way.

Knowing that Price will Tend towards a weekly 1EMA, eventually, we will never be caught BUYING tops or Selling Bottoms. This is where, after months of working with the ideas, a No Nedge was employed instead of trying to figure out when to stop buying in long trends and selling in shorts.

You have to do some Serious Yoga to understand the amount of Stretching needed to understand the logic in No-Nedge and that it's not actually true to its terminology. Meaning...during Extreme Market Circumstances, the EA will actually look to be in both long and short positions. These are Rare times and would take Days to Weeks to play out, but still, another place where American Brokers won't allow the full function of the logic.

Magix May 5, 2018 1:51pm | Post# 50

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Using Hybrid on a Longer Time Frame...

Full Auto is mostly dependent on an M1 chart and may even play out on an M5...after M5, there is a Great likelihood that if was set on any timeframe longer than this, you will NEVER see it take a trade and if by some market miracle it may not like the outcome.


That doesn't mean that it won't work, trading the Longer Time Frames, and be VERY effective in function.

What what?

It's like this...
Name:  rmhc.png
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Let's say you Study Davit's pivot method, or maybe subscribe to a signal service, or maybe have your own philosophy of Trading...All Good...Setting this on an M1 may not be the most conducive to your personal risk thresholds, so simply apply it to a Longer-term Chart and Set the time delay accordingly. IE, if you want to use Xuicidez Logic on an M15 chart...simply set this to 900 as in 900/60seconds= 15 Minutes. Then...the logic of Xuicidez will take over and shouldn't take any trades outside of this time window and a viable trigger.

From there, make sure you adjust the Minimal Profit Close to something that is a little more reasonable for ranges than a simple 10 pip (at default) range. OR, Go Extreme with it...set it to $1000 and only work with the EA to help you cost average into your trade cycles and manually close these when the market is at a level where you see fit to prosper.

Pro-Tip when using the Hybrid with manual trading...if you not satisfied with the trading sequence or prefer to be flat into market weekly close and are outside of the profit window of the EA and a counter trigger is present, start by taking out your worst positions first. The logic will kick in and help your manual closing by seeing when actual open trades are greater than the Minimal Profit Close...this does assume that you do have some positions in profit...

Magix May 5, 2018 1:52pm | Post# 51

IF your only tool is a hammer, you approach every problem as if it were a nail.

Because of the versatility of this Hybrid, you have an entire box of tools and timeframes to work with.

Take the time to get to know these intimately and you will accelerate your Forex Market Learning curve exponentially!

Magix May 5, 2018 2:16pm | Post# 52

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The Dragon...definitely one of my favorite pairs to trade especially in the off sessions.

It doesn't play a large range, which keeps it safe and can be traded with higher values.

Note on the chart that where the Slate Grey Boxes are, represent the entire London Session. Where I have drawn in Red or Green Boxes indicates the opportunities to trade back towards the Previous London Close.

ie, if price is Above London Close, we look for opportunities to short.
ie, if price is Below London Close, we look for opportunities to long.
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Name: LondonClose.png
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With Hybrid - Magic Number set to 0, you can take these trades and prosper in a shallow market as there is almost always going to be an opportunity to make 10 pips by either a single trade, nutted, or a series of trades that Xuicidez will help you into after your initial position.

Trading this idea, 5 days per week and only taking your first initial trade will move the needle on your account by 50 pips weekly in a positive direction.

Some of these will play out into longer stretches, but these Gaps will inevitably always fill to a point of prosperity.

majamivice May 5, 2018 2:39pm | Post# 53

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Here is my little donation.Click to Enlarge

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mrdfx May 5, 2018 2:50pm | Post# 54

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I've sent off the first batch of testers to those whose email addys I already had. If you didn't get one...check your PM box. If you didn't get a PM...send me a PM...I'm great at some things, administration is not one of them. As a Special Exception to my - NO BACKTEST REPORTS...this thread will be open game. Drop in what you see - pairs, settings, suggestions and we will work to make this better!!
Awesome Magix, thanks received!

I'll load this up on my special 5 pairs, and have go at the settings. I think I'll be using a conservative safe approach to make this a stable steady income test with minimal risk.

I actually want to test and see if this can be used as a safe and steady side income tool with low risk and DD to the account.

Magix May 5, 2018 3:19pm | Post# 55

{quote} Awesome Magix, thanks received! I'll load this up on my special 5 pairs, and have go at the settings. I think I'll be using a conservative safe approach to make this a stable steady income test with minimal risk. I actually want to test and see if this can be used as a safe and steady side income tool with low risk and DD to the account.

I think this is something that we can look at when employing some of the strategies listed above.

No, it won't be full on automated, but for those inside of the United States and those who want to minimalize their risk, we can definitely spend some sessions covering strategies, taking some live trades and learning as we grow.

Slow n Steady...Slow n Steady!!

Magix May 5, 2018 3:23pm | Post# 56

Going to pose the question to those who have contributed...

I did set a Low Goal and before opening bells of the New Week, we might have this crushed.

I also set the entire month to get there...and we have done this in a couple of short days.

So...Here are our Options...

1. Close down the number of copies that are issued to those who make it inside of the everybody a somewhat limited release.
2. Run the contributions until the End of Month and allow all us to grow, as we grow...
3. Increase the minimum donation required for those who are late to the party.


Hezz May 5, 2018 3:43pm | Post# 57

Im actually running some backtesting to see how this beast works and trying some settings.
Monday I will put the EA in a demo account and explain my results and trades in this thread.

Magix May 5, 2018 3:53pm | Post# 58

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Im actually running some backtesting to see how this beast works and trying some settings. Monday I will put the EA in a demo account and explain my results and trades in this thread.
The Initial Version of Hybrid, didn't play favorable on the M5...but with the Xuicidez Logic, might look a little better.

For shitz n gigglez, I am running on an AUDUSD M5 in the Strat Tester...

Not Baaaaaaaaad...Maybe I was wrong about this as an M1 Exclusive and only for fully automated.

Something to keep in mind...25 more hours worth of testing before them bells chime!

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jcorp May 5, 2018 5:08pm | Post# 59

4 forex brokers that accept US clients. This list is from BabyPips and none of them are regulated. It looks like all regulated brokers have been shut down by the US.
I am not recommending any of your own due diligence.

Finpro Trading (UK)
LMFX (Macedonia)
Trader's Way (Dominica)
FX Choice (Belize)

There are others but these are listed as trusted by BabyPips.

I have opened a demo account with FinPro. They also have integrated a VPS with Metatrader. $25 a month or free with a $5000 deposit. Not sure I would leave 5K with an unregulated broker right from the get go. Maybe start with 2K and withdraw regularly.

If anyone has other ideas for US traders (short of moving out of the country) (I recently moved back from Panama) please speak up. Because of FIFO the strategy tester will not even work for us.

Back to back testing as if I had an offshore account.

Redbaron81 May 5, 2018 5:14pm | Post# 60

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Donated. )
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