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reteid2222 Mar 9, 2018 3:20pm | Post# 1

Free TDI EA - how good is it?
The results are quite good on the site but my 99% tests not!
Anyone here who could also test on 99% data?

Noor16 Mar 9, 2018 3:31pm | Post# 2

Dear Retina ,
System looks good , but Draw-back very high Against RR

garryv Mar 10, 2018 2:51am | Post# 3

EA cannot be created based on oscillators and considering TDI a lot is dependent on the angle of the TDI cross along with the price action consideration which will take human eyes and sense to make a final judgement.
Overall the market is not completely technical which is the reason EA cannot be made considering data from just oscillators or just a moving average alot needs to be considered before designing EA from just few technical indicators because fundamentals needs to be in the direction of the technicals. Tehnical trading is just used for timing the market any financial market moves on the basis of macroeconomic fundamentals.

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