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simnz Oct 21, 2017 10:49am | Post# 1

Analyse MT4 trades executed by trailing stop and Stop Loss
I have to teach a group of retirees on money management and risk control as a free community service for a social enterprise. I am not a coder.
I will appreciate if I am directed to such an Indicator. If any programmer wants to code this indicator, I am willing to test it.

28 non-exotic symbols will be used on demo or cent account.
Two teachers (including me) will be giving them free practical lessons to less experienced traders.
The other teacher is using an EA, attached to each of the 28 charts, to trade a trending system (not manually). Direction is set by the EA which is putting only Take Profit and Trailing Point. EA is putting TP value but not using Stop Loss by putting 0. So trailing stop is working like a small profit taker and break-even maker in case the prices reverse.
The goal is: If volatility is high at the time of entry, the TP is achieved. If not small profit is made. Only one trade per symbol is allowed for an open position. If the symbol enters and closes a trade, then only it can re-enter as many times as it makes profit or loss. Lots are Constant . Lots are not changed and no martingale is allowed.
As a teacher assigned to teach risk control, my job is to teach the retirees as to how effectively this Trailing Stop is working and how it can be improved upon? For this I would need screenshot and Performance Analyser for both (a) Orders concluded as trading history table (b) Open Orders in progress - showing it visually on the chart.
Trading History should show the Trades (a) hitting Take Profit (b) hitting Trailing Stop because of Spread /Slippage (c) taking a reverse turn (d) Duration by stamping date: time: minutes: seconds for each trade.
This information is needed to analyse how spreads/slippage affect trading performance and what caused drawdown.
The possibility of trainees attending the free classes is 100. the indicator will be used by all for the classes.
Should I use VPS to have 100 activations ? Will using indicator and EA on each chart pressure CPU use? Please advise.

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