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abada Jul 23, 2009 5:03am | Post# 21

You are correct
BK, please do you now have a good broker with fix spreads for major currencies and supports hedging for same instrument.

bruceleesylv Apr 20, 2012 10:41am | Post# 22

Be reminded that my previous post was a comparision between a Fix Spread MetaTrader Broker (NF) vs a Floating Spread MetaTrader Broker (RoyalIkon)- AND NOT vs a True ECN (such as Currenex or Oanda even).

I tried trading with Royal Ikon because they offered lower spread - JEZZ ya right - tight spread during absurd time when I dont trade/asleep. Spread Widening screws up my EA/Automated Trading likewise as this broker spikes their prices up/down as if Im watching a Cardiogram of a man in deep stress.

Regardless of trading, a game playing broker...
Hi BK,

can you please advice some fixed spread brokers please

faka Sep 2, 2012 2:25pm | Post# 23

ECN ndd or fixed
Hey Everybody,
I openned an account on Fibo Group They offer different kind of trading accounts like fixed or floating. I am not scalper but I like to trade m30 h1 for max 1 2 hour. Fibo offers ECN NDD what is difference with NDD no dealing desk?
2)Is that mean no such a big spreads 20 pips 30 pips during the news ?( what kind of news? red ones on calendar ?) I openned a demo ecn and last friday during the jackson hole it was always 0.4 pips is that because of demo ? or bigger spreads happens during the breaking new such a war or attack ?

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