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Bernardi Mar 17, 2017 5:34pm | Post# 1

Mastering Price Action Course by Urban Forex

Did anyone take that course by Navin Prithyani? I would like to hear some reviews...

rider2025 Mar 30, 2017 6:54am | Post# 2

I am also waiting for the review

4thelasers Apr 11, 2017 12:45pm | Post# 3

Yeah I took the course. I hate to write a negative review. As I like Navin - and I have learned a huge amount from his YouTube videos. Hoping for more of the same I jumped into his price action course. The one good thing I will say is that the Money-back guarantee is solid.

There's no presentation slides on this course. Zero. It is 100% Navin Talking and drawing on charts. Clearly chart time is essential and should be the majority but its just not a good way to teach. You need to explain things on charts, then drum-in the key-points using a few bullet points.

My second issue.... I'm very "rules-oriented". I like to have a series of measurable rules to action on my trading. I need things to be black and white; logical, analytical and unemotional. There are no rules in Navin's course - the whole thing is kinda "Fuzzy"... Right from the outset, part 1 "buyers and sellers". Navin points out an area on the lower part the chart "This is sellers territory". Why though? What is the rule that says that particular area is seller's territory? And why is that the case? - The rule or reason for identifying that the area is sellers territory is never explained. He then points out a candle and says "This guy started it all as long as we are below here, we are still in sellers territory". Why did that guy start it all? What's the rule that helps me identify that he started it all - why not that guy or this guy instead. - None of that.... No rules. Just fluffy half-baked explanation. I could almost swear the guy had been smoking pot some of the explanations and analogies he gave were just weird.

Halfway through the course, you get a "Graduation Offer" for his other 4 courses $800 for half price - you got a week to buy it or you don't get it half price. Another Price Action Forex up-sell. No thank you.

Third issue: its a weekly course, you get a new lesson every week (45 mins worth). Apparently (according to his sales folk when I complained) "Navin's experience as an educator says this is the right pace to learn this"..... Well I'm sorry but in my experience as a LEARNER - I like to work at my own pace. I've got a first-class degree from an elite university and have been top of the class my whole life. I did not get to where I am in life by being held back by people dumber or slower than me; I don't need a week to learn 45 mins of videos. Very frustrating.

I don't recommend his course in the slightest, I learned absolutely nothing that I was able to take away and apply to my trading - which is a shame having gained so much from his free stuff on YouTube.

urbanforex May 8, 2017 3:54am | Post# 4

Dear 4thelasers,

Im so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. That was truly not our attention. We really appreciate your feedback, and hope you do give us the chance to make it right! I would also like to take this chance to comment on your points


  1. Re: Money-back guarantee Im really happy to hear that your experience with our Money-back guarantee was solid. If our product didnt helped you, we need to take responsibility. Obviously, in your case, we did not do a good job communicating what the product accomplishes and who it is for.
  2. Re: Presentation slides Were normally known for our exception attention to detail, and we regret that we missed that. Im talking with the team later this week so Ill make sure to show them our conversation and add your vote for using slides as the backbone of our course.
  3. Re: Rules Thank you for your feedback. This is not a strategy with rules as such. We really read the market as it is. This will make all strategies redundant. So in this lesson for instance (buyers territories) only focus on drawing territories like Navin does. In the upcoming lessons you would have got more info, step by step. We also have a comment sections below each video. There are very good questions in there, which we have already answered also. There you also have a series of measurable rules to action on your trading. You also had the chance to contact us via email to ask your questions. Our staff is always available whenever you may need us.
  4. Re: 4 courses Its true after 4 weeks you get a graduation offer. This consists of correlation, supply and demand, roadmap and timing. As a bonus there is a one month free Elite Community membership added. We don't say or recommend that you have to buy the 4 courses, because the MPA course teaches you everything you need to know to be consistently profitable. Here I would like to refer here to our Facebook-Reviews: The 4 course bundles gives you more tools to become more profitable and really take your trading a level higher.
  5. Re: Weekly course Im sorry you had a bad experience. Weve been in business 10 years, we serve thousands of customers and we strive to create the best possible learning experience for the community. The lessons being released on weekly basis is done on purpose. This will give a student time to really digest the knowledge and practice as much as he/she can. Weve seen that people need this time to focus on one subject at a time - even when (or maybe especially) when they already have some trading experience or think they get it, because bad habits need to be broken down to fully digest and cement the knowledge. If students are give too much information at once, they are all over the place and nowhere. They end up not profiting from this course.

I hope that I can convince you to change your mind about our mastering price action course. Please reach out to me directly at if you would be willing to give us a chance to turn your experience around. It would be such a pleasure to welcome you back to our community!

With much appreciation,
Customer Relations Manager

yamidaka May 9, 2017 9:51am | Post# 5

Navin is such a wonderful presenter, also he had spent a fair bit of time in sharing as well as enriching his knowledge. I think with all the work he had been doing, buying the course is absolutely fine.. Or if you look at some public domain software out there, there is always paypal donation box next to it.. if you feel like giving a "like" to this guy.. Join his online course.. you will learn something.


coughs May 9, 2017 9:55am | Post# 6

No I would not recommend this course. I also have to leave a negative review for urban forex. It's quite obvious that Navin makes most of his money selling access to his 'elite' community rather than trading. He charges an absurd $550 a month for that.

I agree with the gentleman above its a shame because his free youtube are quite good and goes in a lot of depth but in his PAID mastering price action course most the videos are only 5 minutes and nothing is really explained. I still don't know where to enter and exit my trades. Nothing is clear in the course but guess what to get those details you probably have to buy the next course???? Please add and improve the course...please its not fair.. I was expecting better and longer videos when I am paying money.

I'd really love to be able to change my review one day as I have gone past my refund period. I really want to be profitable but currently this course isn't any help. Maybe one day...

Pipoholic1 May 9, 2017 10:10am | Post# 7

I have taken Navin's MPA course and I have also purchased the 4 course bundle. I have been trading for about 6-7 years part-time now and my consistency has been up and down. I have always had questions I could never get answers to. The MPA course alone has given me many "AHA" moments and answered a lot of questions I needed answers to. At first I was not a fan of getting material slowly, but after I was in it for a while it I love the structure. It forced me to review the material many times waiting for the next week. This forces you to "MASTER" the content. So enjoy the process!

Navin is an EXCELLENT teacher and mentor. He has a way of explaining things that takes the guess work out. Very clear and concise! And he has a sense of humor that puts you at ease. Too many people are to serious! If you have been trading for any length of time you understand there is no "holy grail" and trading is very liquid. I have been trading long enough that I have seen trading strategies come and go. They work one day and then all of a sudden the market shifts and it is not as effective. Navin teaches you how to be an independent thinker and understand what makes price move. He does not give you the fish, rather teaches you to fish for yourself.

I am only part of the way through the 4 course bundle and it just builds on the MPA course. I highly recommend the MPA course and after you take it you will be hooked and crave more.

Thanks Navin for caring enough to devote your time to helping traders like me become the 5%!!
-Barry Jalbert (aka Pipoholic)

Jake4rex May 9, 2017 10:14am | Post# 8

I have just finished the MPA course and I have learned a lot. I bought a lot of Forex system and courses but they are all rubbish and drained my pocket. I wish I've got a first-class degree from an elite university and have been top of the class my whole life, I will just figure out myself on how to trade Forex market and did not waste money buying rubbish Forex system.

Happy trading,

Aluminium May 9, 2017 10:29am | Post# 9

It is a fantastic course You will learn all you need to finally really understand the market. Navin is a great teacher and makes it simple. I did turn profitable after completing the course, and i don't feel like there is anything missing, other than some more training examples at the end of the course, that would be super helpful.

Obviously, the content of this course is very different from what we are all used to, different from the "traditional" trading education that teaches us to use systems, clearly defined rules and price action patterns to get an edge. I used to trade like that for a long time, without success, like 95% of all the traders.

It just takes some common sense, to see, that you need something else to join the 5% of successful traders, and that is exactly what you will get with the MPA Course: A different method to view and analyse the market.

I, personally, after completing the course, see system and pattern trading like gambling, because you are letting rules dictate when to enter end exit. But when I understand what the market is doing, when I can actually READ the market, I know when it is the right time to get into a high quality trade, and i can adjust to the situation, or simply wait for a better one, that suits my trading personality. I can milk the profits

And suddenly, i can see why the systems that i used in the past worked or did not work! It all makes perfect sense. Not after week 1 or 2, but by the end of the course for sure.

I highly recommend the course to anyone who is sick of losing money, it is the last course that you will need. Give it a chance, have patience, and you will be rewarded

(Now, please do not jump in and try to prove me wrong that you CAN be super successful with systems, patterns, etc... I know there are a few people, who are making money that way, and thats great for you guys! But the numbers are still valid, 95% of traders fail, and it is my opinion that you need something else to MAKE SURE to join the 5%. This is a review and an opinion, not a discussion!)

timos May 9, 2017 11:05am | Post# 10

Look at those glowing reviews from members with 1 post

Bernardi May 9, 2017 11:37am | Post# 11

Ah great to see the good reviews I actually took the course a few weeks ago, and it was worth it. It is indeed different than all the other stuff that i learned in the past, but i like it much better, because it works. I never made as much money as i do now, and there is still more that i can learn from the course, can't wait to buy the second course as well!

I did not know that there is a facebook page with reviews, but it is rated incredibly well and i agree with all the 5 star reviews. Really good education, and one of a kind. The support is amazing, and all the questions get answered! Well worth the money, and hey, you get your money back if you don't like it, no risk, but veeery high reward

Swg123 May 9, 2017 5:40pm | Post# 12

I agree 100% with the positive reviews posted above. The course isn't intended for total newbies, but for traders who have plenty of chart time but have been struggling for profitability (having perhaps gone down the maze of indicator-based system or EA trading). All that baggage is stripped away and you will view the market much more clearly which is very liberating. By being able to read the market through clear eyes, trading is much more relaxed and even though I don't get it right every time, I am trading profitably, consistently.

If you complete this course and still are unable to make money trading, then perhaps forex trading really isn't for you.

dric May 10, 2017 1:41am | Post# 13

I agree 100% with the positive reviews posted above. The course isn't intended for total newbies, but for traders who have plenty of chart time but have been struggling for profitability (having perhaps gone down the maze of indicator-based system or EA trading). All that baggage is stripped away and you will view the market much more clearly which is very liberating. By being able to read the market through clear eyes, trading is much more relaxed and even though I don't get it right every time, I am trading profitably, consistently. If you complete...
I agree with all Swd123 has said.

I'll just answer the question. Yes, I like this course. It's a good alternative and can be useful to improve your trading (assuming you haven't touched any other price action materials).

kacer May 10, 2017 5:37am | Post# 14

I've been on FX 9 years this year and bought the MPA last November and graduated to 4 Course Bundle. It was the best trade what I have ever done for FX!!! For disbelievers only: If Navin would not be able to teach you guys how to be a part of 5% of profitable traders so no one at this planet will be able to. It is not just about to watch the charts but about yourself too. And he has God gift to do it. So again I am more than happy I have became a part of his team.
THANKS Navin and to you all of FW group.

Plan your trades and trade your plans...

xxxena May 10, 2017 11:01am | Post# 15

Wow. Look at those glowing reviews from members with 1 post
Dear timos, as you can see I am a member of this forum since 2015, and yes I do not have posts... reason? I was here trying to find best solution for my trading.
And guess what? After many years wasted on HOLLY GRAIL INDICATORS, BEST SYSTEMS, SET AND FORGET SOLUTIONS, .... I go back to PRICE ACTION digging around lessons... at least a I have stop losing money, but when market start to change direction I was in problem... losing again, ask my self WHY? What is going on? How I didn't see? Realize that some peace of puzzle is missing than I decide to invest in my education. I find Urbanforex on youtube. The way of Navin's way of "teaching" suits for me. He's simple way to explain what is going on on the market, how to recognize enter points, behavior of the market.... once a weak live webinars, he and his team are there always for me, yes I have paid for MPA course, but guess what happened? I AM IN PROFIT MUCH MORE THAN I SPEND FOR THIS COURSE!
I'm not sure is this my first post or not, but I'm writing this one because I have, FINALLY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE IN FOREX TRADING!

Just to to say thank you Navin!

gokselt19 May 10, 2017 3:10pm | Post# 16

I agree 100% with the positive reviews posted above. The course isn't intended for total newbies, but for traders who have plenty of chart time but have been struggling for profitability (having perhaps gone down the maze of indicator-based system or EA trading). All that baggage is stripped away and you will view the market much more clearly which is very liberating. By being able to read the market through clear eyes, trading is much more relaxed and even though I don't get it right every time, I am trading profitably, consistently. If you complete...
Totally agree with this post and I am a good example for this. I have been following the markets for around 8 years (trading, learning, reading forums like this, developing my own indicators, developing my own systems etc) so I have had quiet a good amount of screen time. I have read everything I could find, watched every video I could find and also bought some other courses. I tried every style of analysis. Fundamental, technical, indicators, algorhytmic etc. But there was always a missing part of the puzzle I was not able to see. I also have been following Navin on youtube and fx street webinars. One of these webinars, in November 2016,I heard about the MPA course and bought it instantly. I belive the info of the MPA course was the missing part of the puzzle for me. After that I bought every course available to me on Urban Forex and proud to be a student of urban forex. I can easily say that the money I paid for this courses were the best money I have ever spent. My 4CB course still continues and I am learning amazing stuff. I will buy any other courses by urban forex if there will be any other courses.

I recomend it to everyone who wants to learn trading, but do not forget that also you MUST do your homeworks well (this is why the lessons are relased weekly) and show the necessary effort. If you are looking for some holy grail, magic indicator or set and forget system, this course is not for you.

JustyJust May 11, 2017 3:02pm | Post# 17

This course is great and having set number of lessons per week is way better than buying a course and having a ton of stuff that you look through and never practice and so the learning curve takes longer.

I've gone through the whole course multiple times and every time i get something new out of it. Main thing is it will totally clear up what is actually happening right now on a chart. This course will definitely change how you see charts forever.

Navins approach is great, no BS and easy to understand.
Practice the material and it will change your trading for the better.

CrouchyUK May 11, 2017 3:33pm | Post# 18

I have watched a few of Navin's youtube videos and I am considering the MPA course. However, in most of these he is discussing a completed chart and proposing theories as to why it moved this way, up , down, etc? I could do the same as we are looking at the past, so I am still waiting to see real life examples of trade opportunities which then work out to these strategies. The marketing is slick as well, with my limited experience in forex of 18 months or so i have found this inversely proportional to the actual trading results...

miekra May 12, 2017 4:09am | Post# 19

I have purchased MPA course and 4 Boundle Course (4CB).
MPA course is very informative and it takes several weeks to gather that knowledge.
4CB course is way more detailed info as in MPA course and plus Correlation, Supply and Demand, Timing - it takes almost half a year.
Both courses are eye openers and I am very glad that I could take a part in this learning path.

fx4shami May 14, 2017 10:32am | Post# 20

Hi Guys

I took this course , over all experience is not good. The thing which put me off was when they offer 4 course bundle. In the beginning When you buy this course he never reveals any such plans but then in the middle of the course he ask to pay 397 $ which is a huge chunk and secondly he indirectly forces you to pay and if not then the 4 course cost you 1000 $ plus..complete nonsense.
This idea indicates that he is more into selling rather then trading , he just want you to buy in a sequence rather then if he would have told this in the beginning , i doubt anyone would have bought the MPA course.
Now i will never buy anything from this guy called Navin , i am pretty sure if i would go for the 4 course bundle , in the middle of the course he will offer another such 6 bundle shitt course it make sense now that this MPA course is incomplete and will never lead you to success unless and untill you keep buying his stuff by paying your hard earned money

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