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analog84 Mar 10, 2010 2:18am | Post# 2321

This thread isn’t about one particular trading strategy. It covers just about any method that includes a QQE. At first these were mainly Auslanco systems, but we experimented around with other variations too. It was a pretty lively thread at one time, especially when people were making trade calls. The 15 minute strategy was hot for awhile, and so were Kujo17’s QQE / moving average systems, and Sith Lord’s “Twin Brothers”. Fun times for the most part.

[font=Verdana]Some of the QQE strategies are probably overly complicated,...
QQE n gann high-low best suit for me..i'm used at 4h vs 1h time more realiable at bigger time frame..very good risk and reward

Jns Mar 10, 2010 2:55am | Post# 2322

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I trade part of the Auslanco way but have removed the QQE and only use the Gann Hi Lo With my own RSI and CCI. The picture explains the way I use it, it keeps me most times out of noise when the market moves side ways. I only trade just before Frankfurt open and London Open
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jusiur Jun 8, 2011 12:14pm | Post# 2323

love QQE
amazing thread, suscribed . . .

Pips_Cruiser Jan 12, 2013 11:56pm | Post# 2324

is this the qqe from supernova ?
Yes, the Supernova strategy also uses QQE.

Ronald123 Apr 7, 2014 1:38am | Post# 2325

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Altogether today I found three different MT4 QQE's on FF that seem to work correctly. But none of them have totally correct default values. You have to make changes to all of them. The "QQE.mq4" indicator is the most simple. It doesn't have any alerts (sounds, dots, etc.). During setup you need to add a 50 line unless you're doing a QQE60. It only comes with an RSI-index line and an RSI-slow line. No "fast" line to black out. QQE.mq4 There are two "version 5"...
There's also a QQE Alert MTF v5.1 (attached below), which has a 'push notice' alert function for the QQE crossing its 50 level (would be great if someone could add a push notice alert for the Line Crosses too!). As to the fast and slow RSI lines, just put them both on your chart (with different colors, of course) and you'll see which is which. Been looking for a free EA, based on the QQE MTF indicator (mainly for automatically opening trades on the Line Crosses), but to no avail; the only links lead to the Elite Section on the TSD Forum...

Hope this helps!


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