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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 3:58am | Post# 21

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30 oscillator in 1 for identify divergence


Indicator to trade Divergence.
To determine the divergence can select one of 30 oscillator.


extreme peaks in the form of dots (red - the highs and yellow - a minimum);
Divergence using segments connecting the extremes;
support / resistance lines in the form of rays passing through the extremes;
Channels in the form of rays.

Choosing the right oscillator is held in the first line of entering the number of the oscillator - parameter Osc. By default, the indicator RSI (number 29).

Selecting oscillators:

1. Accelerator
2. Accumulation / Distribution
3. Average Directional Movement Index
4. Average True Range
5. Awesome oscillator
6. Bears Power
7. Bulls Power
8. Commodity Channel Index
9. DeMarker
10. Force Index
11. Momentum
12. Money Flow Index
13. Moving Averages Convergence / Divergence
14. Moving Average of Oscillator
15. On Balance Volume
16. Relative Vigor Index
17. Standard Deviation
18. Stochastic Oscillator
19. Volume
20. Close
21. Open
22. High
23. Low
24. (H + L) / 2
25. (H + L + C) / 3
26. (H + L + C + C) / 4
27. (O + C + H + L) / 4
28. (O + C) / 2
29. Relative Strength Index
30. Larry Williams' Percent Range
31. ... Relative Strength Index

The list of parameters to adjust:

Osc = 29 - the number of the oscillator;
TH = true - bearish divergence;
TL = true - a bullish divergence;
trend = true - support / resistance lines;
convergen = true - hidden divergence;
Complect = 1 - the distinguishing index of the indicator on the chart;
BackSteph = 0 - number of steps backwards h;
BackStepl = 0 - number of steps back l;
BackStep = 0 - number of steps backward;
qSteps = 1 - the number of displayed steps, not more than three;
LevDPl = 5 - level points DeMark (2 = central bar will be above (below) the two bars on the left);
LevDPr = 1 - level points DeMark (2 = central bar will be above (below) the two bars on the right);
period = 8 - period for iADX, iATR, iBearsPower, iBullsPower, iCCI, iDeMarker, iForce, iMomentum, iMFI, iRVI, iStdDev, iRSI, iRSI, iWPR;
ma_method = 0 - averaging method for iStochastic, iStdDev, iForce;
ma_shift = 0 - the average for the shift iStdDev;
applied_price = 4 - price type for iRSI, iRSI, iStdDev, iOBV, iOsMA, iMACD, iMomentum, iForce, iCCIiBullsPower, iBearsPower, iADX;
mode = 0 - the index of the line for iStochastic, iRVI, iMACD, iADX;
fast_ema_period = 12 - the average for the period of rapid iOsMA, iMACD;
slow_ema_period = 26 - the period for slow average iOsMA, iMACD;
signal_period = 9 - the period of the signal line to iOsMA, iMACD;
Kperiod = 13 - K for the period of line iStochastic;
Dperiod = 5 - D line for the period iStochastic;
slowing = 3 - moderation iStochastic;
price_field = 0 - the type of prices for iStochastic;
showBars = 1000 - if = 0, the indicator is shown for the entire chart;
Trend_Down = true - the line resistance;
Trend_Up = true - line support;
TrendLine = true - support / resistance lines;
HandyColour = true;
Highline = Red - the color channel HL;
Lowline = DeepSkyBlue - color channel LL;
ChannelLine = false - channels in parallel trend lines;
Trend = 0 - 1 = only UpTrendLines, -1 = only DownTrendLines, 0 = all TrendLines;
Channel = false - channels;
Regression = true - channel linear regression, false - the standard deviation of the channel;
RayH = true - beam channel High;
RayL = true - beam channel Low;
ChannelH = Red - the color channel High;
ChannelL = DeepSkyBlue - color channel Low;
STD_widthH = 1.0 - sets the size of the deviation for the object CHANNEL High;
STD_widthL = 1.0 - sets the size of the deviation for the object CHANNEL Low;
comment = false - Displays comments;
code = 159 - Code for the Wingdings font symbol to denote the extrema;
BuyStop = false - levels BuyStop;
SellLimit = false - levels SellLimit;
SellStop = false - levels SellStop;
BuyLimit = false - levels BuyLimit.


Color oscillator and extreme points of customizable tab Colors.
When installing more than one indicator to the chart to change parameters Complect.

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:00am | Post# 22

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BSFilter Oct 15, 2016 4:00am | Post# 23

I've been meaning to get around to coding something like this symbol changer for ages. Thanks mate, saved me a couple of hours!

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:01am | Post# 24

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candle pips alert+MTF
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Name: 2016-10-12_170429 (1).jpg
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Candle Pips Alerter.mq4
Candle Pips Alerter MTF_2.mq4

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:05am | Post# 25

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GBP_Dollar_Euro_Yen {Index} Candles version

The Dollar Index was created in 1973 following the move to free floating exchange rates and the
collapse of the gold standard.
As the name suggests it is an index of the US dollar measured against a basket of six major
currencies, which all carry varying degrees of weight, according to their importance. The only change
to the constituents of this basket of currencies came when the Euro was launched and the Euro has the
largest percentage at 57.6%.
The other five currencies which make up the index are: the Japanese yen with 13.6%, the British
Pound with 11.9%, the Canadian Dollar with 9.1%, the Swedish Krona with 4.2%, and finally the
Swiss Franc with 3.6%.

Formula : GBPX = 46.2807334033003 x EURGBP-0.3134 x GBPUSD0.2274 x GBPJPY0.0479 x GBPCHF0.0439 x (GBPUSD*USDSEK)0.0252

Formula : USDX = 50.14348112 × EURUSD-0.576 × USDJPY0.136 × GBPUSD-0.119 × USDCAD0.091 × USDSEK0.042 × USDCHF0.036

Formula : EURX =34.38805726 x EURUSD0,3155 x EURGBP0, 3056 x EURJPY0.1891 x EURCHF0.1113 x EURSEK0.0785

Formula : [¥80,000 – (81.15USD/JPY × $123) – (108.63EUR/JPY × €92) – (63.13NZD/JPY x NZ$ 158) – (82.95AUD/JPY × AU$121)] / Divisor

choose Divisor = 80000. Then added 100 to the formula.
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Name: eur-index.gif
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Name: index-usd.gif
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:06am | Post# 26

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piramida correlation all pair's
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Name: multi_pairs_correlation_piramida_v2_-_normal (1).jpg
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:08am | Post# 27

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candle pip counter +& -
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:10am | Post# 28

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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:11am | Post# 29

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VSA Text

The indicator is base on "volume spared analysis". It shows the vertical text to indicate

no demand bar,
stopping volume,
no supply bar
reverse upthrust.
The indicator should use together with any kind of volume indicator and the support and resistance indicator.

The external input parameters

SpreadPeriod : this is for calculating the average of spread, 20 as default
VolumePeriod : this is for calculating the average of volume, 20 as default
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Name: 2016-10-06_224921.png
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:12am | Post# 30

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Market Statistics (Volume Histogram, VWAP with SD bands)

PVP represent Peak Volume Price and shows the price from StartDate with highest volume.

VWAP is the average of the volume distribution.

SD stands for Standart Deviation and you can plot 3 SD bands around VWAP.

I hope this will be helpful for someone.
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Name: 2016-10-06_122816.jpg
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:14am | Post# 31

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Mtf candle {new}

Here is a version of Custom candles - any time frame that has an option to draw wicks as boxes (also it works in the new metatrader 4 too without a need to be compiled in build 509). Example : BoxedWicks set to true and FilledCandles set to true

version 1.04 attach

add limit the bars option for quick loading chart & user friend

Set the CandlesUniqueIdentifier of each instance to unique value and then you can place as many instances of the indicator as you wish

Here is an example with 3 instances on the same chart
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Name: custom_candles.jpg
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Name: example.jpg
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custom candles - any time frame 1.04_2.mq4

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:15am | Post# 32

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stratman mini chart

If you are like mini chart, you like to view price action in multiple time frames e.g. Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour, 15 min etc.
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Name: multi.jpg
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LuXing Oct 15, 2016 4:16am | Post# 33

GBP_Dollar_Euro_Yen {Index} Candles version The Dollar Index was created in 1973 following the move to free floating exchange rates and the collapse of the gold standard. As the name suggests it is an index of the US dollar measured against a basket of six major currencies, which all carry varying degrees of weight, according to their importance. The only change to the constituents of this basket of currencies came when the Euro was launched and the Euro has the largest percentage at 57.6%. The other five currencies which make up the index are:...
This is no longer up-to-date (I think), after the IMFs decision to include the RMB in the SDR basket (effective 1 October 2016).

As a result, percentages in the SDR basket have changed considerably and are are now as follows (don´t know about the USDx index but I imagine it has changed as well to reflect this):


  1. U.S. dollar 41.73 percent (compared with 41.9 percent at the 2010 Review)
  2. Euro 30.93 percent (compared with 37.4 percent at the 2010 Review)
  3. Chinese renminbi 10.92 percent
  4. Japanese yen 8.33 percent (compared with 9.4 percent at the 2010 Review)
  5. Pound sterling 8.09 percent (compared with 11.3 percent at the 2010


adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:16am | Post# 34

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MA ribbon with alert + MTF
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Name:  2016-10-04_223148.png
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:18am | Post# 35

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1-2-3 Pattern

- The green trendline, it is a buy signal,
- The red trendline, it is a sell signal,
- Nothing, there is no signal.

trend line is repaints
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Name: 123-pattern.gif
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Name: 2016-10-04_220931.png
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1-2-3 Pattern MTF v3.1_2.mq4

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:19am | Post# 36

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ALL pair's spread monitor
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Name: 2016-10-04_192422.jpg
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:21am | Post# 37

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FFx Universal Strength Meter PRO

FFx Universal Strength Meter PRO is more than a basic strength meter. Instead of limiting the calculation to price, it can be based on any of the 19 integrated strength modes + 9 timeframes. With the FFx USM, you are able to define any period for any combination of timeframes. For example, you can set the dashboard for the last 10 candles for M15-H1-H4… Full flexibility!

Very easy to interpret... It gives a great idea about which currency is weak and which is strong, so you can find the best pairs to be traded in good confidence.

Example: If EUR is strong and USD is weak, then you can look for long entries on your EURUSD chart.

It also includes an alert when specific currencies reach strong or weak levels.
User Inputs
Strength Mode: here you can select the mode you want to use for the strength calculation ... (Price, Moving Average, MACD, Stochastic, RSI, WPR, Momentum, CCI, ADX, PSAR, DeMarker, AC, AO, Bulls, Bears, Ichimoku, Force Index, OsMA, RVI). Of course, each indicator has its own usual inputs to be set as per your need. Switching between modes can be done directly from the chart!
Strength Period: this number is the number of candles used for the calculation. You can set any number from 1 to whatever you want...
Strength Timeframes: multiple timeframes can be combined together, so the strength will be MTF (1=M1 .. 5=M5 .. 15=M15 .. 30=M30 .. 60=H1 .. 240=H4 .. 1440=Daily .. 10080=Weekly .. 43200=Monthly).
Symbol prefix/suffix: if your broker provides symbols like xxxEURUSDyyy, just add the xxx in prefix and yyy in suffix.
Horizontal/Vertical Shift: you can set here any number to place the dashboard anywhere on the chart.
Strong/Weak Levels: from 1 to 10, when levels are reached, it can give an alert (popup/sound/email/push) and color the currency for a clear visual. Alert can be activated/deactivated directly on the chart by clicking on the "bell" icon (at least one alert option must be enabled in the parameters).
Then all usual parameters for the standard indicators like provided in your MT4 platform.
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Name: 2016-10-02_214646.jpg
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Universal Strenght Meter (USM)_3.rar

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:22am | Post# 38

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overlay chart (drag the symbol name where you want it on chart)

drag the symbol name where you want it on chart

Indicator allows you to draw the graph in the main window of any instrument, any period **, dopchart can be moved to any point of the window (move the marker TXT) graphics can be compressed, stretched (vertically) and invert

Set the KoefJPY parameter to 0.01

* It is based on Instrument2.mq4 by Denis Orlov
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Name: multi_charts.jpg
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Name: 2012-12-09_005240.jpg
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adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:24am | Post# 39

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Currency Power Meter

The strength of the financial instrument should be properly assessed in the current market situation for successful trading. Member of the family of the dashboards to assess the relative strength of currencies, the Currency Power Meter indicator will help traders who trade several instruments simultaneously.

The financial market is a dynamic structure with active mutual influence of all components. To find the interesting currency pair from the point of view of the position opening, it is useful to determine its status in relation to other currencies, both in tandem with the dollar and in the crosses.

The relative market strength of a financial instrument at each moment is determined by its fundamentals, the current preferences of market participants and the arrangement of interests of major players. The Currency Power Meter indicator allows you to objectively assess the strength/weakness of the potential market movement based on the current dynamics of the remaining components.

Important: Do not confuse the relative strength of currencies with the concept of cross-correlation!

read: Currency Power Meter Indicator: Mutual Strength of Currencies - Forex traders portal
Name:  2014-05-17+22-29-19+%u0025D0%u0025A1%u0025D0%u0025BA%u0025D1%u002580%u0025D0%u0025B8%u0025D0%u00.png
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CurrencyPowerMeter (1).ex4

adelzadeh Oct 15, 2016 4:26am | Post# 40

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chart Watermark

This indicator adds symbol and timeframe as watermark on your chart background.

Adjustable text opacity to blend with the background
Stays centered on window resize
Customizable font, size, color and opacity
Remembers the settings even when you exit the terminal
Minimalistic and discreet

Input parameters
The following input parameters can be set.

Font - desired font
Size - font size
Color - font color
Opacity - text opacity [0..1]
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Name: watermark-for-mt4-screen-5879.png
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Watermark for MT4.ex4

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