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Sidus Jun 18, 2006 9:21am | Post# 1

Scalping with crossover system
Hello guys,

I have a question concering the bunnygirl crossover system.
How many of the trades are profitable? For instance 3 out of 4 trades?
And how many trades are profitable if you use a 5min graph and use crossover to scalp.
Does it work the scalp using mva crossover?
I would set SL at 10 pips and profit at 7 pips.
I ask these questions, because I want to design a set of rules for scalping the 5min graph using crossovers. I also want to include money management. Goal is to make 10pips a day.
So please tell me 1) How profitable is BGX? 2) Crossover scalping profitable? (mva ema...?) 3) Things I should include in my rules for crossover scalping?


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