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MacDougall Mar 20, 2016 3:03pm | Post# 1

How to place MT4 objects on the z-axis
Does anyone know please how to move an MT4 object (eg a vertical line representing a news event) on its z-axis?

With news events this can be a problem for example, when moving to the weekly time frame and all that week's news events are in the same place and it is impossible to see or select anything other than the top line without going in to the Object List.

The manual Draw Object as Background check box is not really enough if you have many objects.

OBJPROP_ZORDER would seem to offer a partial solution if you're willing to code but is apparently buggy:

Many thanks for any feedback.

pije76 Oct 15, 2020 9:42am | Post# 2

I would like to know too

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