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PipShot Jan 22, 2016 5:08pm | Post# 21

Many thanks for the system.
I will be digging into it this weekend.

Timo7 Jan 22, 2016 5:20pm | Post# 22

Thank you sir, You indeed are generous in not only giving us the system but teaching us how to trade it!

I will be following closely. Thanks again.

TheGreatMilenko Jan 22, 2016 5:28pm | Post# 23

What an AMAZING thread
It is. I've seen nothing like it. Does it still work if you don't believe in god?

hostimfalas Jan 22, 2016 5:55pm | Post# 24

Thank you

rcbarlow Jan 22, 2016 6:07pm | Post# 25

Hi, I'm 69 myself and hope this is the answer I have been searching for. Thank you very much for sharing. I will have to read and read this until I completely understand it. Again, thank you for your generosity and caring. Look forward to following you and your teaching of this system.

ForexSamsam Jan 22, 2016 9:52pm | Post# 26

i get a headache now after reading this tread..

dove_alliance Jan 22, 2016 9:53pm | Post# 27

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On this post I will talk about entries off Resistance in a downtrend; and entries off Support in an uptrend.

I recommend highly in using your 2 hour for downtrends and using your 1 hour for uptrends. Because of the volatile market in a down trend the 2 hour is pretty stable with the volatility and is constant. Doesnt mean you cannot use the 1 hour provided you catch the top on a reversal.

So with this scenario on a downtrend I will go back to Tuesday at 17:00 EST in an uptrend changing over to a downtrend at 17:00 Wednesday. Pay a close attention in how I use support on an uptrend and resistance on a downtrend.

Here are the charts for the time period.

Click to Enlarge

Name: 2 hour - a.JPG
Size: 104 KB

Click to Enlarge

Name: 1 hour - a.JPG
Size: 154 KB

Now I am going to use snippets representing the moment.

This first snippet is the 2 hour chart after opening of the 17:00 candle and what is showing? First we recognize the trend with White Smooth and EMA had crossed Purple for the uptrend with the Parabolic in trend; in which all four are supports. Next we have ROMAR as resistance.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 2H- a.JPG
Size: 20 KB

The 1 hour: On the same two hour candle we have the same trend: White Smooth and EMA in the uptrend trend with the Parabolic in trend. We also have ROMAR crossing Purple as a signal of changing trend for this swing. You also had the SAR attached to the previous two candles at the upper band. This attachment means a retrace back to support; and the SAR did reattached on the second 1 hour candle. And this is where I took my entry as low as possible at the Daily Open line at 117.272. Because of taking the entry as low as possible ROMAR was no longer a threat of losing my trade in using B/E.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 1H - a.JPG
Size: 26 KB

This next 1 hour is showing the market getting above ROMAR which is now support and crossing EMA for the change of trend. And Traders that was an easy 40 pips.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 1H - b.JPG
Size: 41 KB

And here is the 2 hour.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 2H - b.JPG
Size: 24 KB

Next Trade:

One thing you have to always keep in mind and that is the Daily supports and resistance. On the trade above in the uptrend; the market also hit the Daily EMA resistance. This is why you always have a trading plan right there at your trading station.

Showing here:

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - Daily - c.JPG
Size: 24 KB

The Daily trend is down but also in consolidation. Both ROMAR and EMA are still in the downtrend. And this trend will not change until EMA crosses Purple and then: Well ROMAR will be one tough wall to break until EMA is within striking distance. So be looking at a lot of up and down days.

On this next trade you have the 2 hour showing the turn back into the downtrend and especially with the hit on the Daily EMA. You have showing a Red Arrow with the market breaking EMA and the Open Candle below Smooth. As support you have ROMAR and the Parabolic.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 2H - c.JPG
Size: 21 KB

On the 1 hour you also have the Red Arrow and also the White Arrow for crossing the MACD zero. You have the open candle below Smooth resistance with ROMAR as support and the Parabolic had flip as resistance. My question is: Would I trade in this situation and the answer is not at this time. The risk for retraces is more than I want to chance.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 1H - c.JPG
Size: 27 KB

But what I will do though is wait on the Parabolic to flip on the 2 hour before I risk any money on a trade.

And here is the entry with the Parabolic flip and open at Purple with the EMA crossing. Take note of change of trend with the four horsemen in trend. This is trading in the moment catching the trend at the top; and just letting the market give up the pips: Another 40 pip trade compounding.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 2H - cc.JPG
Size: 46 KB

Have reach the Max for attachments for this post - so moving on to the next posting.

dove_alliance Jan 22, 2016 9:56pm | Post# 28

3 Attachment(s)
Lets look at the retraces with the 1 hour in using the uptrend closing Friday:

We have an entry at Purple with the four horsemen in the uptrend; with 40 pips before retrace to Smooth for another entry into the trend.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 1H - d.JPG
Size: 37 KB

Next Retrace is EMA for an entry.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 1H - e.JPG
Size: 76 KB

You had the SAR attached with the candle at the Parabolic for another entry to finish the day and week.

Click to Enlarge

Name: SN - 1H - f.JPG
Size: 160 KB

That was 3 easy entries in a trend. Imagine what you could have done in this trend; or any trend within the Paradox. If you had taken the first entry at the bottom you could had rode this trend to the top.

profitkeeper Jan 22, 2016 10:08pm | Post# 29

{quote} It is. I've seen nothing like it. Does it still work if you don't believe in god?
I think you're safe. The Devil took all the available spaces in hacker school. Then again He could shut down the power grid in your area before you had a chance to put in a stop loss. Huh, my lights just flickered!!!

sylbolid Jan 22, 2016 10:21pm | Post# 30

Wow, thank you very much for this great thread! I don't know you, but I feel you are giving us a great trading strategy, I was looking for a serious and profitable system, and this seems what I am looking for. So thank you again for your effort!
Due to my poor English and different location (I am from Europe), sorry if I ask you... do you trade during london market session or during new york market session?

Thanks again, let collect nice green pips and make our dreams come true!!!


chidiezenyem Jan 22, 2016 10:55pm | Post# 31

Hi dove nice work, keep it up

fxforfun Jan 22, 2016 11:05pm | Post# 32

I have printed out and read through the materials. I have downloaded all the indicators and templates. I have all my charts set up. I must say I am having a difficult time following what you are trying to say

dove_alliance Jan 22, 2016 11:18pm | Post# 33

I have printed out and read through the materials. I have downloaded all the indicators and templates. I have all my charts set up. I must say I am having a difficult time following what you are trying to say
My question would be: How long have you been trading?

fxforfun Jan 22, 2016 11:24pm | Post# 34

{quote} My question would be: How long have you been trading?
Since 2008

dove_alliance Jan 22, 2016 11:30pm | Post# 35

{quote} Since 2008
Let's see if I understand this correctly?

Your saying you have been trading since 2008 and during that time you haven't learn anything about support and resistance? Is that what your're saying?

fxforfun Jan 22, 2016 11:41pm | Post# 36

{quote} Let's see if I understand this correctly? Your saying you have been trading since 2008 and during that time you haven't learn anything about support and resistance? Is that what your're saying?
No, that isn't what I am saying. I am saying it may take me a little time to get used to the three charts and all the lines. I will need to get familiar with which lines are which. I haven't been trading full time for 7 years and I have only blown two live accounts. Trading demo again for a while now. Tell you what I gonna do. I will sit back and listen. Thanks, brother. God Bless You

dove_alliance Jan 22, 2016 11:48pm | Post# 37

{quote} No, that isn't what I am saying. I am saying it may take me a little time to get used to the three charts and all the lines. I will need to get familiar with which lines are which. I haven't been trading full time for 7 years and I have only blown two live accounts. Trading demo again for a while now. Tell you what I gonna do. I will sit back and listen. Thanks, brother. God Bless You
OK - now I understand. What you need to do is like you said; sit back and listen. I will be here for a couple of weeks in training and by then you will understand the Paradox. And God bless you too; in Jesus name. Amen.

dove_alliance Jan 23, 2016 1:31am | Post# 38

The Power Within:

The Paradox System is totally coded and based upon the LR. The linear regression relationship is between two variables by fitting a linear equation to observed data. One variable is considered to be an explanatory variable, and the other is considered to be a dependent variable. This method calculates the observed data by minimizing the sum of the squares of the vertical deviations from each data point to the line (if a point lies on the fitted line exactly, then its vertical deviation is 0). Because the deviations are first squared, then summed, there are no cancellations between positive and negative values.

So, in order to deviate the slacking of an indicator this method had been modified as a simple linear regression to eliminate the least squares of a linear regression model with a single explanatory variable. In other words, simple linear regression fits a straight line through the set of n points in such a way that makes the sum of squared residuals of the model that is, vertical distances between the points of the data set (price momentum) and the fitted line as small as possible.

Trading with standard indicators is always subjected with Resistances and Supports. When you trade with indicators that are no longer subjective, and have been mathematically lined with a linear regression base, then you eliminate errors-in-variables as a true support and resistance within the indicators. This approach gives the most important application with this system which is in data fitting.

This also means at the end of the day (17:00 EST) you have to reload the data if not; then the data is not correct for the next day of trading.

Trading Objectively vs Subjectively:

"Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered."


A: based on facts rather than feelings or opinions: not influenced by feelings.

B: expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations.

C: limited to choices of fixed alternatives and reducing subjective factors to a minimum.


A: of, relating to, or characteristic of one that is a subject especially in lack of freedom of action or in submissiveness.

B: characteristic of or belonging to reality as perceived rather than as independent of mind.

C: arising out of or identified by means of one's perception of one's own states and processes.

D: lacking in reality or substance.

There is a fine line between the both. Being objective is taking something that "is" and turning which "is" into what defines truth (which is facts). And your reasoning is in the way you think. You cannot take what "is" into anything else, because what "is" belongs to facts. And if you stay within the truth of facts then you are being objective and new doors are being open into a realm of a new thought process you had not experience in the past. Being objective is also being totally opened minded with what "IS". If you are not open minded then what "IF" becomes a delusion.

Being bias means you are subjective. Being bias defines the difference between a winner and a loser. The biasness of ones mentality is also the conqueror of ones destruction leaving nothing in their wake. This is the main reason traders blows accounts after accounts and it makes no difference if you are Bull or a Bear.

Being bias is planting a seed that will harvest and eventually be a destructive force in your trading. It is the same with fear; fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Understand this - fear is a lie. It plays on your emotions in taking control of your instincts without gaining knowledge.

Biasness and fear is the control of your thinking. When you start to think in terms of trading - then you are walking in deep water which is holding you back. Using your intellect in trading this system is far weaker than the Paradox Trend. It is only through wisdom can you use the power within the Paradox Trend. Knowledge is gaining Wisdom. It is the very solution to overriding the context of any element, and letting your instincts flowing free in gaining knowledge through understanding.

Then there is your ego:

With the mixture of biasness, fear, mixed with ego you then have the elements of destruction. It is your ego keeping you from gaining the 3 elements of success (understanding, knowledge, and wisdom). The bottom line: Biasness, Fear, and Ego are the reason why all traders fail. Those 3 elements is the very control of living your life in nothingness.

The Power of Confluence:

What is confluence and why is it so important when trading the Forex market? It is important because you can integrate it into your current trading strategy to help put the odds in your favor.

What is Confluence?

Essentially confluence represents two or more things coming together at the same time. In terms of trading, we can say that confluence is when two or more factors come together at the same place on a chart or two different charts.

Examples of these things might be a key support or resistance level, moving average, price behavior with buy or sell signal or even something as simple as a strong trend. All of these things form what we will call Confluence Factors. In other words a strong trend might be one factor; support or resistance might be a second factor and so on.

Putting the Odds in Your Favor

I think I can be so bold as to say that consistent profits are the goal of every serious trader. So why then do only a small portion of traders make it to this level? It all comes down to the use of confluence. Those traders who can be called consistently profitable have found a way to identify and harness the power of confluence in a way that puts the odds in their favor.

The ability to put the odds in your favor is what trading is all about. Figure out a way to do this over and over again and you'll be well on your way to becoming profitable. This is where the combination of various Confluence Factors comes into play. In other words; the more Confluence Factors present on any given setup, the greater the odds are that the setup will move in the intended direction.

Putting the Power of Confluence to Work

We all know that trading with the trend, or path of least resistance, is always a good idea. At the risk of sounding cliche', the old saying, "the trend is your friend" is absolutely true in my experience. Even in consolidation placing the Confluence Factor into place is very profitable.

How The Paradox Will Boost Your Forex Profits:

Perhaps you remember one of the most impact movies of our time, the Matrix? Morpheus believed totally in Neo to the point where he almost sacrificed his life to save him. Yet Neo did not believe in himself at the beginning, he was most uncertain about whether he was the one or not. So when he went to see the Oracle, she told him that being the one is like being in love, nobody tells you that you are in love, you just know it. The Oracle pointed to a sign hanging on the door: "Know Thyself".

Still Neo didn't believe in himself but when agent Smith captured Morpheus and a member of his crew suggested pulling the plug so the agents of the Matrix won't get access to Zion, something in Neo changed and he began to believe.

A little further down the path of the one, Neo "accomplished miracles" because he learned how to believe in himself fully and completely. And remember Neo had a mentor who believed in him beyond any doubt and who taught him how to use his mind to defeat the Matrix and its dangerous agents. Neo's mentor, Morpheus, showed him the path and helped him empower his mind, yet Neo walked the path to his own success after he started believing in himself and mastered his own mind.

Perhaps you were wondering what has this to do with trading the Forex?

"Know Thyself"

Forex trading, or any trading for that matter, is a mind game in the first place. Some people spend a lot of time and efforts perfecting certain trading skills and knowledge like reading the charts and data, entry and exit skills, but any normal intelligent person can learn these skills; they are the easiest part of the trading game. They are no doubt necessary tools for your success but they don't make the biggest difference between a really successful trader and the one who is not successful. So what does make the difference?

Let's ask the question: what is your goal in trading the Forex? It is to make money. Period! Surely, while you're making the money and great profits you can have fun too and you should. But what you really need are specific mental attitudes and strengths to become a successful trader. These mental states are an asset that will help you in many other situations and contexts of your life.

The major three mental and emotional frames of mind that characterize the majority of successful traders are:

1. Discipline & Passion
2. Confidence & Courage
3. Patience & Smart Persistence

We'll touch upon all three briefly to make it as clear as crystal to you so you succeed in the Forex market. Like trading a Pair of Currencies these mental and emotional mindsets go hand in hand.

Discipline & Passion -

Discipline is really important! It helps you be more effective in planning your trades and in sticking to the good plans you established before entering the trade. Always have an action plan for stop and limit levels for the trade before you enter it, your analysis of the charts should cover up the expected upside and downside.

Passion means commitment and love for what you do. It is your passion for something that keeps you going, improving, constantly learning (remember Morpheus mentoring Neo) and persist beyond the ups and downs of the business. You need to know why you are trading because it is an awesome opportunity that you have to take, so develop a passion for it. Simply do what it takes to be successful and learn from the best. Do not make trading a hobby. Treat it as business.

A word of Caution: Never mistake your "passion" for emotion that you might feel while trading and trying to enter a trade without using clear and sound entry/exit indicators and rules. Have fun, learn, and stay tuned for future developments and grow as a person in strength and character while remaining emotionally detached when you get in and out of a trade. If you do, you are bound to incredible success in your trading.

Confidence & Courage -

Successful traders believe in themselves and their abilities to learn and grow, to acquire more competence learning from a mentor. There is no reality only perception, the Matrix can trick you but you can have your own special Matrix inside your mind that empowers you with an unwavering belief in yourself!

Have the confidence and courage to stick to your plan and stay within rules or trading even if others are doing the opposite. Keep your vision (end result) that you can make it in the market in your mind until you are successful in it.

If you experience a situation where you know exactly how a currency pair will go and have a sound trading plan then go for it! Sometimes people fail to follow their own good plans because all sorts of emotions get in their way, emotions like greed and fear. Stay calm and act with confidence and courage otherwise your planning, analyzing and information gathering will be totally useless to you.

You become more competent when you educate yourself about the markets and learn from successful traders. Self-develop: "Know Thyself", get into the habit of monitoring your emotions and questioning your limiting beliefs so that your mind works for you and not against you. Don't take things too personally, if you make a mistake then consider it to be valuable feedback so you become more successful, never a failure!

Patience & Smart Persistence -

An Indian wisdom says: "Life is always right!" we say: "the market knows much better than you do!"

Learn to listen and read the signs the indicators are giving you. Learn how to wait, observe and only enter a trade when it is the right time to do so and do not hesitate. Hesitation is a failure of becoming successful.

It can be hard to wait before your charts jumps into action. But a successful trader will enter a trade according to the direction of the prevailing trend or will wait until a new trend shows up and establishes itself. Even if you day trade and are not a long-term or position trader, you still are well advised within the indicators from ruining your profit chances. Also be patient means you stick with winning trades.

Practice "Know Thyself"; and you will be on the path of Neo, the one himself!

FX Compass Jan 23, 2016 1:41am | Post# 39

Subscribed, and a big thank you to dove alliance for his kindness and generosity.
Seems very interesting, love the fibs.

oordjb Jan 23, 2016 3:00am | Post# 40

Many thanks for sharing the system - it's very impressive indeed and I have subscribed.

I see you're in Bradenton - I'm in the Tampa area (Brandon).

Thanks again, and I wish you all of God's wonderful blessings.

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