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klkk Mar 15, 2019 10:35am | Post# 1381

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The last type of gap is the exhaustion gap. It is where the market exhausts itself. For example, in a bull market when the bear finally gives up, throws in the towel and the market gaps up, and trades a few days up there, then finally starts down the market is through. The market will start a major downtrend. Gann said Rule 5: Add ten years to any bottom and it will give you the next bottom of the 10-year cycle and of the same kind of a year and about the same average fluctuations. Gann was sometimes caught by inverting markets, looks like he would...

Hi Hurst,
Since you mentioned a few times regarding Gann,
I happen to see the following. wonder if it is usefull

free installation
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klkk Mar 15, 2019 10:52am | Post# 1382

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Set the major low date as starting date (2018.12.26) to start the forecast
The result as follow

Inserted Video

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Hurst Mar 17, 2019 9:44am | Post# 1383

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Wow I played with that about 5 years ago, it does not work sadly but sometimes the dates are good trouble is you have to know which ones, That's where my vast knowledge and experience comes in.

Firstly every one start counting here is a 60 TD chart of the SP500
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So should we be looking at it most certainly we should...

Next angles you will find many free resources for calculating right angle triangles and the angles. Very important angles in MT4 mean nothing calculate it using trig, what we see is the angle down is either 83.53 or the second peak 84.4, see how the SP500 bounced off the 84.4 angle exactly on 61 calendar days from the low. See that we are trading under the angles. Look at the count coming up 60TD, see where the supply level is.
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Name: SP500_60TD_cycle.png
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Now lets look at Mercury and Saturn, do we have anything on them, well Mercury comes back to the same position as it was on the December low this is the 24th March on the 20th March we are exactly at 84CD from the December low a balancing of time between the fall and the rise. On the 20th Mercury and Saturn come into conjunction with in 5 degrees, these two can cause very aggressive final pops which is an ideal clue that the market has run out of steam.
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Name: DOW_Forecast_turn_20th_March_2019.png
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The DOW looks better than the SP500 because it made a lower high, however 5 waves do sometimes work so a push to a high on the DOW would have me looking to go short it maybe a double top, but as of now we anticipate nothing and simply wait for weakness

Lastly my weekly forecast on the SP500 suggests a turn in the week of the 24th of March the end date of this fall should be im May and is related to the low in 2009 if we look at the low in 2009 we can see that it lasted 87 calendar days and 65 trading days. So we shall also look at these counts as this is the 10 year cycle.

Saturn is between 2832.968 and 2842.01 when the decimal is shifted one to the right, so any aspect to saturn should be interesting.

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Name: Saturn_at_work_in_the_SP500.png
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This aspect hits on the 20th of March and guess what the equinox hits on the 20th March so its one to watch.

Hurst Mar 17, 2019 11:29am | Post# 1384

Just reading a Gann book gann said 63 or 65 days are important for a change in trend because 7X9=63 and 8X8=64.

The 2009 low to the first reaction high was 64 trading days so we really do need to add this to the mix 2841 is likely the level we are going to see a hard move from.

Hurst Mar 18, 2019 5:10am | Post# 1385

At the moment the trend is up so I am looking to buy under swings, usually this is where day traders place their stops

2818.18 or 130 pips approx from any intraday high, this is also currently the intraday overnight low.

Hurst Mar 19, 2019 6:34am | Post# 1386

2830.52 is my calculation for the low of the day provided the intraday high on the overnight session stays at 2843.9, if this is a turn coming up I expect the move up to be very strong as the SP500 is sucked up into the cycle point.

A strong move would be to 2905 2916 area

Cycle tops are hard to pinpoint we can only use the timing cycles to help us, as we exceeded 2841 before the ideal cycle point on the 20th I have to expect higher prices.

As we exceeded the last overnight session high my low has moved up, usually the low is reached in the US session, based on the last top it now sits at

Hurst Mar 20, 2019 6:54am | Post# 1387

Looks like the fall started just one day sooner than my expectation, my target today is 2801.12 from there I would expect to see a 200-250 pip bounce

Hurst Mar 20, 2019 7:03am | Post# 1388

I am going to be leaving FF as it is not the right medium for me and crossing over to twitter, everyone is welcome to access my twitter account

i will post my interdayset ups on twitter as well

Hurst Mar 21, 2019 8:58am | Post# 1389

Looking to sell


if 2808.2 hold I will look at one of the three levels above to short on a weakness candle, a break of 2808 will see 2780.9 before a hard bounce.

Hurst Mar 26, 2019 4:36am | Post# 1390

My top was a day out , the 21st March rather than the 20th, today I am selling 2807, day traders can target 2785.97 stops above 2822.80. I expect this move down to last until May 2019

Hurst Mar 27, 2019 2:27pm | Post# 1391

Just sold the sp500 at 2810 holding all shorts until the end of the month

sonhagaga Mar 29, 2019 8:07am | Post# 1392

Just sold the sp500 at 2810 holding all shorts until the end of the month
Hi Hurst. I had just sent you an email

sonhagaga Mar 30, 2019 1:01am | Post# 1393

Oh. I've read all pages in this thread. Seems like the offer had expired. Sorry for bothering.
Also, It's hard to help people rich and make a team full of professional traders though....
and It's not a good idea to find pro trader that can make a team in Forexfactory. Because If they're a pro, they rarely need a team.

klkk Apr 4, 2019 11:20am | Post# 1394

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Hurst Apr 4, 2019 2:24pm | Post# 1395

To everyone that contacted me thank you, I will be replying to each of you in turn, I am a bit busy this week, hence my lack of replies. I see so many of you are struggling and just like me when I started I know exactly what mistakes you are making. So in two weeks time I will be starting my signal service, to start with it will be free, yes because I really want to get you lot on the path to making money.

Next, it is ideal if you sign up to the broker I am using, because the price feeds will be the same, nothing is more frustrating than missing a trade because your broker is out a pip or two. The broker is an ECN and you will get proper margin back, rather than the crap margin you get with European and UK brokers. You can also trade micro lots. The broker is fully regulated and handles a huge volume of transactions per day.

I will get a tiny % out of your trade, this is only fair as you will make a lot more out of my signals. I have my method fully understood now and its solid. My goal is one trade a day 30 pip stop 100 pip TP. I will trade the SP500 and sometime a currency or two. It could be 3 trades a day on three markets. I am to hit 70 to 80% winning trades and I think we will get about three trades a week.

My biggest problem as a trader was wading through the rubbish and finally coming to the point where I realised what I had to do. I post on Twitter every day and you can follow me. It will cost you nothing and you will get my charts instantly.

Next week I am busy, so get your most comfy chair and get ready in two weeks time the service is going live.

Hurst Apr 4, 2019 2:41pm | Post# 1396

My link for the broker is here

Hurst Apr 13, 2019 11:13am | Post# 1397

I tweeted this message on Friday

The SP500 is still a buy between 2886.62 and 2889.04, a strong pull back to 2881.52 is still a buy the white line 2909 to 2914.50 is my top target for today.

this is how the day ended up

I used a value of 2909, but had I been at my PC I would have called the value out as it came up to the trend line.

the SP500 fell 114 points from the line.

I expect Monday to see a gap, it can either gap through my trend line up or gap down. I am hoping for a gap down to my red lines that will act as strong support.

Hurst Apr 15, 2019 9:16am | Post# 1398

I have posted my latest analysis of the SP500

you can see it on Twitter

If I get my number of followers on Twitter to 500 in the next two weeks I will give away a really good timing tip for th EURUSD and the SP500

Hurst Apr 15, 2019 4:59pm | Post# 1399

I called a 96 point trade on the SP500 today. In my opinion the SP500 is looking to correct, the starting point for the move down is today. I will call the trade on my Twitter account live when I start to sell

Hurst Apr 16, 2019 10:10am | Post# 1400

For those of you following me on Twitter, we have had a good last couple of days with over 300 points banked in my account. If you bothered to follow me then you would have sold the SP500 today at 2915.90 and been in a risk free trade by now. I find it hard to understand why so few people bother to get free money, I am doing all the heavy lifting and you get to profit.

It nice to give free signals because I know some of you are following me and making money. I will be looking to set up the trading room very soon with account copying so for those of you that are super lazy, you won't even have to get out of bed lol.

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