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Dealing Desk vs No Dealing Desk
I've only traded Mini accounts. With this approach means I've only been exposed to Dealing Desk Executions. I'm finding that when I trade in the direction of the Investors, I always win! ( imagine that ).

So I'm wondering - has anyone come from the land of Dealing Desk Executions to the land of the "free" with non Dealing Desk Executions and could they tell a difference in their strategy outcome?

My knee jerk is it would be like trading a Demo account ( which has very little spread manipulation and often somewhat different quotes ) then trading a live account on the same broker. You know, where the only thing that is the same is clicking buy, sell, modify, and close?

When I venture away from the Dealing Desk Investors, will I find that there is no difference or will I find that having to ride 1 wave instead of 2 is not the same.

If my strategy is built to beat the game and the referees, when the referees are gone, the strategy might lose the game.

Share your thoughts.

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