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lsolanki Oct 24, 2015 12:00pm | Post# 1

Advanced level trading system
Guys this advanced level trading system is 100% mechanical.
Unlike 00 level trading system by Udine, in this system you dont have to learn candle paterns and 100 % profitable every month. 100% profitable means by following all rules of the system you will earn minimum 10 % per month .

simple rules. anyone from any time zone can trade and make money trading this system.

can put market or pending order. mostly pending stop orders.
if after trading this system you lose money then i will pay you double the money.

price : 1000 $ (usd)

for first 5 buyers this system 50% discount i.e. price =500 dollars

so hurry .
payment method : webmoney, netteller or wire transfer
contact :

timeframe H1 on candle breakout. so hurry. contact me for any detail

lsolanki Oct 24, 2015 12:19pm | Post# 2

IN this system no indicators required it is purely level based mechanical system .

lsolanki Oct 24, 2015 12:33pm | Post# 3

I was a big fan of price action method but after trading this method i have stopped analyising the market. for your help see price action tutorial video webinar i had done and judge my level of forex.

Inserted Video
in english

lsolanki Oct 24, 2015 12:35pm | Post# 4

IN Hindi language ( indian language)
Inserted Video


lsolanki Oct 24, 2015 12:39pm | Post# 5

Even if you dont want to buy the system still have a look at webinar of price action to judge my knowledge.
i have stopped trading using price action a long time ago and now trade only using above level system .

lsolanki Oct 24, 2015 1:24pm | Post# 6

My whatsapp number +91 9602311124

lsolanki Oct 25, 2015 12:58am | Post# 7

Although i have stopped trading using price action but i give forex consultation services where i analyse markets pairs using price action.

here also i will post latest updates about forex using price action.

like next target for eurusd is 1.085 and if break support then will go to 1.05 level

lsolanki Oct 25, 2015 10:23am | Post# 8

I want to make it very clear that it is not EA or robot.
manually trading system

all proof after you buy the system.
with more leverage you can achieve 30 to 50 percent return a month

lsolanki Oct 26, 2015 7:11am | Post# 9

GBPJPY is a buy target 187

lsolanki Oct 26, 2015 11:12am | Post# 10

gbpusd buy target 1.55

lsolanki Oct 29, 2015 12:53pm | Post# 11

sell EU at 1.10 sl 1.11 target 1.082

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