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roel13 Oct 24, 2014 3:13pm | Post# 1

Grid, Burst Grid, Grid Risk and Grid Profit
* After testing grid EA's for a week ( grid EA's etc.) on demo and live, I am impressed.

Burst Grid
* $100 account
* 1:500 leverage
* Protection comes from margin calls/small account size
* Lot size 0.05-0.1 (yes I realize that's a large position for a small account)
* Stop all trades as soon as equity = +$50 ($150 account value)
* Split off account so balance is $100 again
* Rinse/repeat
* Question; this seems to be an ideal way to quickly gain steady income. Thoughts? Ideas? Criticisms (be nice please )?

Grid Risks
* Question; what are - for plain grid systems (I realize the risks of complex systems are harder to quantify) - the most common risks?

Grid Profit
* 17% overnight on one account ($100>$117). Had I not stopped it too early () I would have been $65 ($100>$165) or more. I'll tell you which EA and settings I used later too.

jaguar1637 Oct 24, 2014 4:48pm | Post# 2

Hi !
yes, the Grid from lifesdream are interesting,

the flas are inside the martingale for Volume. IMHO, I think sometimes, they put too many high volumes, so, the common error "not enough money" happens too often

As I told you, the WPR Grid based on a smoothed WPR is much more interesting, bocz the signals are same type of counter-trend

I think those grids are enough reliable to win at this little game

17% by night means you will reach very quickkly Maximum lots in this grid

I tried Cyberia Trader logic, but this philosophy works only for MA and MACD (this is my observations, may be I wrong, so, stop me here and show me the opposite)


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