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Nocturnes Mar 27, 2014 10:18am | Post# 1

Unit cost GER30

I'm working with Oanda now. I use to work with plus500 as it was great to start out with. The advantage plus500 has to me was that it said how much my investment was. So many lots = so many euros. So when i had 2000$ on my account and i bought like 6000 units it said it costed me 50$.

Now i wanted to buy 1 unit from Ger30 on Oanda but it didn't say how much it costed. I can only see my PL & SL.

Let say GER30 is at 9447 now and i'm buying 1 unit. How much does that cost? Cause I went short and after 5 pips down i closed the trade. I made a profit of (i think) 7 euro.

Any help to help me calculate?

Ps: I'm not here in the believes i'm going to get rich with these kinds of things, but rather because i enjoy the feeling it gives me. I made a good profit on plus500 but i liked Oanda more and i'm in the need of changing broker.

If someone could shoot me some advice?

Nocturnes Mar 27, 2014 11:16am | Post# 2

I already got it.... I think, 1000euro if i'm correct = 1 unit.

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