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Dan Sep 11, 2007 7:51am | Post# 1

MT4 a generic platform?
Sorry this is a newbie question for MT4. But i assume MT4 is some sort of open source generic trading platform? Does this mean its compatible with all brokers? Im thinking of going with but dont know how to setup MT4 for my Oanda account. I couldnt find any stickys of FAQ's for MT4 sorry for the newbie questions but any advice would help.

When i try to login I get only MIG-Demo server to chose from, how do you add other broker servers to MT4?


ScottH Sep 11, 2007 12:29pm | Post# 2

i dont believe it is open source. i think brokers pay fee's to be able to use it as their platform. not all brokers use it, and oanda is one that doesnt unfortunately. you need to add other servers which there is a tutorial for in these forums, but that only gives you their price feed.

Trader KGB Sep 11, 2007 12:56pm | Post# 3

Dan Sep 12, 2007 9:35am | Post# 4

Thanks for that info guys.

Think im going to go with Alpari now as my broker.

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