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Indipip May 28, 2019 4:25pm | Post# 21641

a setup for me, is when the price reach the outer band on M5 or M30.
when that happend on M30 and the RSIOMA on H4 is still pointing in the same direction and doesnt change. Then you know, most of the time, the trend will continue.
If you look for this setup on H1, the RSIOMA on H4 will change the direction because the timeframes are to close to each other. For an H1 Setup (price reached outer Band) you need a higher conformation timeframe then H4 . Try it out, its nice to find pullbacks.

It´s great for conformation of DS slinghshoots too. For example, an sell DS slingshot is going on and the price is on the upper half of the TMA Band, on that timeframe then the slingshot has a high probability.

19lexicon78 May 29, 2019 5:06am | Post# 21642

well, looking at your graphs, the RSI 4h and d give different directions. i wouldn't dare to take the trade, only a trade for a couple of hours.

Indipip May 29, 2019 5:31am | Post# 21643

Look at all 3 vertical lines in the pictures. Rsioma in h4 and in the daily chart have the same direction.

Zimbinga May 29, 2019 4:18pm | Post# 21644

a setup for me, is when the price reach the outer band on M5 or M30. when that happend on M30 and the RSIOMA on H4 is still pointing in the same direction and doesnt change. Then you know, most of the time, the trend will continue. If you look for this setup on H1, the RSIOMA on H4 will change the direction because the timeframes are to close to each other. For an H1 Setup (price reached outer Band) you need a higher conformation timeframe then H4 . Try it out, its nice to find pullbacks. It´s great for conformation of DS slinghshoots too. For example,...
May I ask what settings do you use on your TMA band?

Indipip May 30, 2019 5:27am | Post# 21645

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May I ask what settings do you use on your TMA band?


TMA Period: 50
Price 0
ATR Multiplier 2.5
ATR Period 500
Trend Treshold 0.4


Indipip May 30, 2019 5:35am | Post# 21646

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im watching USDCAD right now, to go long soon.

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but its not ready yet

donpakundo19 May 31, 2019 12:33am | Post# 21647

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Hoping to ride these pairs..
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Zimbinga May 31, 2019 2:50am | Post# 21648

My GBPJPY trade and summary 5/28/08 {image} {image}
This trading journal is interesting - Greg seems to have had a good edge. He used MTF analysis, BBS breaks, stochastic in common with Alien, but MACD instead of RSI, same principle though. I like his charts & commentary.

jpadvisor Jun 5, 2019 6:02am | Post# 21649

An overview for the Cable:
" chances of a good trade deal with the US past-Brexit and speculations favoring Brexit supporter Boris Johnson to become next British PM grew stronger. With British lawmakers almost near to make Boris Johnson as the next PM, they might not take too much time for an announcement after present PM Theresa May departs on June 07, which in turn could be extra positive for the Brexit proceedings that have been stopped since more than two weeks. In addition to political developments surrounding the race to next UK PM and the US President Donald Trump’s British visit, May month Markit services purchasing manager index (PMI) will be the key to forecast fresh moves. The leading indicator to the UK GDP is expected to rise to 50.6 5rom 50.4 earlier. It should also be noted that comments from the Bank of England’s (BOE) Deputy Governor Dave Ramsden and Fed’s Vice Chair Richard Clarida could offer additional insights to determine near-term trade sentiment. "

jpadvisor Jun 5, 2019 6:20am | Post# 21650

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Stay ready to short the Gold
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Zimbinga Jun 7, 2019 2:50am | Post# 21651

Stay ready to short the Gold {image}
Watching to see if it breaks support 1325 area

valentroisss Jun 11, 2019 9:41am | Post# 21652

I am thankful and grateful to this thread.
How's everyone doing?
Wishing everyone the best.

-best thread usually so quite-

jpadvisor Jun 12, 2019 7:18am | Post# 21653

Overview for end of week:
"After a modest pullback on the first day of a new trading week, the EURUSD pair regained some positive traction on Tuesday and inched back closer to last week's post-NFP swing high to 2-1/2 month tops. A subdued US Dollar demand was seen as one of the key factors benefitting the pair, though weaker Euro-zone investor confidence data kept a lid on any strong follow-through. In fact, the Sentix Investor Confidence index dropped to -3.3 in June from 5.3 previous and indicated that the economy is once again on the threshold of a recession. From the US, softer-than-expected May Producer Price Index, which rose 1.8% on a yearly basis as compared to 2.0% expected, also did little to impress the USD bulls and remained supportive. Bulls further took cues from the US President Donald Trump's efforts to talk down the domestic currency by saying that the Euro and other currencies are undervalued against the dollar, putting the US at a big disadvantage. Trump also complained that the Fed was keeping interest rates way too high, which added to ridiculous quantitative tightening. Nevertheless, the pair ended the day with modest gains and held on to its positive tone through the Asian session on Wednesday as market participants now look forward to the ECB President Mario Draghi's scheduled speech for some fresh impetus. Later during the early North-American session, the release of the latest US consumer inflation figures will influence the USD price dynamics and further collaborate towards producing some meaningful trading opportunities.
The lead runner for the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is all set to announce begin his campaign with a single motto of leaving the EU on October (be it with or without the deal). However, some of the Tory backbenchers and the opposition Labour party members are likely to unite against the hard Brexit. The members of the parliaments (MPs) may propose a motion to stop hard Brexit either on Wednesday or on Thursday. Apart from politics, the British Pound (GBP) recently portrayed upbeat results from the UK average earnings numbers and became the best G10 currency. Additionally, the US President’s tweets threatening China and pushing the Federal Reserve towards a rate cut seem to have gained less importance off-late. It should also be noted that President Trump’s praise to Mexico and likely 90-day’s grace period to perform the “secret” deal grabbed a few attention as well. The USDJPY pair did stretch to a higher high of 108.80, underpinned by the prevailing positive mood, as equities advanced in Asia and Europe, while US Treasury yields extended their gains, but it was quickly rejected".

jpadvisor Jun 13, 2019 5:02am | Post# 21654

"The EURUSD currency pair created a bearish outside day on Wednesday - a candlestick pattern which occurs when a particular day's price action falls outside the preceding day's trading range. Put simply, the bearish outside day indicates the day began with optimism, but ended on a pessimistic note and is widely considered an early sign of bearish reversal, especially when it appears after notable gains or near key resistance. In EUR's case, the outside day has appeared following a rally from 1.1116 and 1.1348. That said, the bearish reversal would be confirmed only if the spot closes today below the candle's low of 1.1283. The pair will likely find acceptance below 1.1283 if the Eurozone data, due at 09:00 GMT today, shows the industrial production contracted by 0.5% month-on-month in April.
The first round of voting for Tories to select their new leader takes place today. Even if the ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson is leading the run to become the next British Prime Minister mainly due to his Brexit hardliner image, he needs to get through today’s parliament voting with more than 16 votes in order to remain in the race. Mr. Johnson recently announced his election propaganda to leave the block by October 31. However, the latest clues have mostly been silent about his stance on dealing with the EU during the time. The opposition Labour party continues to signal another attempt to block the no-deal Brexit sometime in the near future but the markets give less importance to it. The equities are reporting losses likely due to lingering trade tensions. U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he had no specific deadline for a trade deal with China that would allow the world's second-largest economy to escape 25% tariff on its $300 billion worth of exports to the US, according to Reuters"

donpakundo19 Jun 13, 2019 10:16pm | Post# 21655

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Hoping to ride for more pips.. quite easy to spot the same setup even in small TF for intraday.
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Zimbinga Jun 15, 2019 4:26pm | Post# 21656

This channel has got some good forex content - logical and well thought out:

jpadvisor Jun 17, 2019 6:56am | Post# 21657

GU and GJ ready to jump high?

jpadvisor Jun 19, 2019 7:04am | Post# 21658

"The EURUSD currency fell sharply this Tuesday, hit by comments from ECB's President, Mario Draghi, and disappointing macroeconomic data which gave context to Draghi's words. The leader of the European Central Bank spoke at the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra and said that further interest rate cuts remain part of the central bank's tools, leaving doors opened for more stimulus, signaling that policymakers would act if inflation doesn't give signs of picking up. Following his speech, Germany released the June ZEW Economic Sentiment Indicator, which plunged to -21.1 for the country and to -20.2 for the whole Union. According to the official report, the sharp drop “coincides with an increased uncertainty regarding the future development of the global economy and substantially worsened figures for the German economy at the beginning of the second quarter.” News indicating that Trump and Xi-Jinping agreed to meet within the next G-20 meeting underpinned risk appetite, with stocks worldwide cheering some light at the end of the tunnel in the trade war front, and the possibility of lower rates in the EU. The greenback remained strong against the EUR, this last weighed by Draghi's words. This Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve will have its monetary policy meeting. Market participants are expecting some dovish shift in the wording, paving the way for a rate cut as soon as next July. However, Retail Sales released late last week and the relief in the trade front, may keep policymakers in 'patient' mode, which will end up benefiting the greenback even more.
While receding political uncertainty and absence of dovish comments from BOE’s Carney propelled the GBPUSD pair on Tuesday, traders remain cautious ahead of British CPI, Tory leadership contest and FOMC as the quote clings to 1.2560 heading into the London open on Wednesday. During the second round of Conservative voting for the UK’s Prime Minister (PM), Boris Johnson strengthened his grip over the position with 126 votes compared to 114 previous counts. However, Dominic Raab had to bid adieu to the race, leaving only 5 runners for the post. There will be another round of voting today (and probably tomorrow) to leave only two members at the end. Both US Treasury yields and USDJPY bounced sharply following news that US President Trump will be meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi-Jinping at the G-20 summit next week. Trump tweeted that he had a 'very good telephone conversation with President Xi,' adding that their respective teams will begin talks before their meeting. The USD/JPY pair peaked at 108.67, once again meeting sellers around the critical resistance area, ending the day little changed around 108.40."

jpadvisor Jun 20, 2019 5:51am | Post# 21659

GU and GJ ready to jump high?
Seems it was a very nice call.

jpadvisor Jun 21, 2019 5:05am | Post# 21660

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EUR/USD heading for new highs.
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