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Italman Aug 14, 2019 3:36pm | Post# 81

My most profitable system is a combination of FA, TA, Psychology, a journal, using a news & squawk service. The FA is the Catalyst to move the markets & make pips. The TA is used for all entries & exits. Psychology is essential to maximize your profits & minimize your losses. The Journal is to catalog your trades. adjust your system accordingly & correct your mistakes. The News & Squawk is to give you the edge of real time news. The only better edge would be to have a Bloomberg or Reuters Terminal. I cannot fathom trading without the squawk. I wish everyone much success & more pips in their future trading.

mohsinali Aug 15, 2019 7:10am | Post# 82

Buy low sell high...
sell high buy low ...

tomorton Aug 15, 2019 7:41am | Post# 83

Buy low sell high... sell high buy low ...

Correct, though this is not possible for most traders.

But I think they mostly define low as a price at the bottom of the chart which is lower than it was and high as a price at the top of the chart which is higher than it was. And the results are obvious.

lechuzon Aug 15, 2019 12:51pm | Post# 84

I dont know if my system is the most profitable... but I least i can sleep well.. this system I developed.. very reliable, steady, RELAXED..just and a system..could be profitable.. It's just multipair trading with math logics .. its the way that I know to being profitable, doesnt matter what market is not the best strategy... but ALSO is not the worst. Here the indicator of "equity balance" that I use to show my performance.. and yes.. FF results are fake.....
1 cheers

martin15 Aug 17, 2019 4:39am | Post# 85

While there are many profitable trading strategies out there like scalping , position trading and many more , the best strategy will vary from person to person . A strategy may work out best for one type of trader and worst for another type of trader .They may be based on your technical analysis or fundamental analysis . The entry point , exit point , position size and trading tactics all have a bearing on the type of strategy you select. So , the type of trader you are, your priorities , goals and time will determine the best strategy for you.

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