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cemfx Sep 11, 2013 10:15pm | Post# 1

MT4 Platform Master and Slave Idea Help Please!
Hey all!
I just thought of something if anyone could help me out with it.....
I have multiple mt4 platforms running that each have the same chart is it possible to have one master mt4 platform and as you switch through the tabs on the master that the slave mt4 platforms will change the same tabs at the same time? so each mt4 platform slave will have the same tab of the same currency pair open as the mt4 platform master and as you change thru each tab on the master...the slaves will follow showing the same currency pair tab as the master......has this been done? is it possible? thanks!

Kenz987 Sep 11, 2013 11:11pm | Post# 2

It is posible, probably a bit difficult.
See code by zznbrm (? I think) for automating the selecting and updating of charts.
I don't have a link.
Cross platform communication can be done with disk files or if you get really creative InterProcessCommunication (IPC)
- see posts by sangmane for code to do that.
All this code uses Windows API calls.

Kilian19 Sep 12, 2013 5:25am | Post# 3

There was a script which used the windows api to scroll all the charts in mt4 at the same time so selecting the tabs should be possible as well. To communicate between different mt4s you should take a look at pipes.

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