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Chi Mar 15, 2013 1:37pm | Post# 21

Updates some areas in the first post including,

general strategy
showcase link

and I am calling the week.

Chi Mar 16, 2013 7:56pm | Post# 22

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Too early for a GBP rebound while AUD is still running strong.
Took the chance short it at 1.4600 and target 1.4400

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Worked well this time.

Chi Mar 18, 2013 5:32pm | Post# 23

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Continue on SHORTING GBPAUD on its Monday's Gap.

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Pocket 10% gain.

Target 1.4500 / 1.4400

Chi Mar 19, 2013 1:43pm | Post# 24

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Short and Long at GBPAUD 1.4550 zone

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Chi Mar 19, 2013 2:18pm | Post# 25

Speaking of which, 15% monthly target is hit, I would probably cool off a bit till April.

Chi Mar 22, 2013 12:43pm | Post# 26

Pocket 8% this week.
Probably will continuing longing the GBPUSD pair next week after it pass 1.5200 this morning.

Have a good weekend.

Chi Mar 25, 2013 12:09pm | Post# 27

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+7%, one hella home run today
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Chi Jun 6, 2013 4:04pm | Post# 28

Following up on the recent USDJPY move,

Chi Jun 7, 2013 10:05pm | Post# 29

USDJPY 500 pips slide ends with a better than expected NFP today 6/7/2013.

Saw this 500 pips drop coming on 5/31.

Chi Jun 11, 2013 9:31pm | Post# 30

[highlight=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Latest trade on 100 pips USDJPY slide last night.[/highlight]
[-webkit-auto][highlight=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/highlight][/-webkit-auto]

RBlackburn Jun 11, 2013 10:06pm | Post# 31

You seem to be doing fine without any advice... Good luck...

Chi Jun 13, 2013 3:59am | Post# 32

So here's a better than expected AU job report. And I am thinking about a possible AUDUSD comeback. Any thought?
AUD's Return

Chi Jun 13, 2013 4:01am | Post# 33

You seem to be doing fine without any advice... Good luck...
Thanks. I am just doing what i can to keep my head high. =)

Danny Maina Jun 13, 2013 5:40am | Post# 34

He Chi,

So far how is the 180 minute trading day working for you?

timos Jun 13, 2013 6:57am | Post# 35

This has nothing to do with luck.There is no luck.Just you.Only you can do it. Keep it going.
Wish you many many Green Pips!

Chi Jun 13, 2013 11:44am | Post# 36

So after the initial post on the return on AUDUSD hours ago, a over 100 pips RALLY was taken place couple hours later.

Xela Jun 13, 2013 1:48pm | Post# 37

One Goal ONLY Monthly Gain: 5%-15%
You have 3 hours per day to spend on this, but you want results that way outperform most of the top floor traders at Goldman Sachs, all of whom have put in their "10,000 hours experience" to become at least proficient, if not expert? Well, nothing is impossible.

It was interesting to see the photo of your trading screens. You have plenty of indicators there, though I can't see exactly what they all are. For myself (and doubtless my approach was and is completely different from yours, and I don't suggest that says anything either good or bad about either of us - it's just "how it is") I didn't manage to be steadily profitable until I learned to give up all those indicators.

Okay now... let's see how far my luck goes.
I wish you plenty of that. Please excuse the observation that on the basis of what you've shared with us so far, I suspect that you may have a long and not-totally-smooth path ahead of you.

Chi Jun 13, 2013 5:44pm | Post# 38

AUDUSD continue rallying through the 0.9600 level. Here is another trade on the 0.9600 level, 50 pips breakout.

Chi Jun 19, 2013 2:53pm | Post# 39

Moving to my new trade home office. No trading till next week. Tks and good luck.

DizzleFX Jun 20, 2013 9:15am | Post# 40

Moving to my new trade home office. No trading till next week. Tks and good luck.
Absolute best to you! Hope the new Home/Office brings even more pips.

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