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mcmep11 Aug 6, 2007 2:31am | Post# 21

wow its been quiet here! didnt mean to crash the party!

Bemac Aug 6, 2007 3:25pm | Post# 22

The Killer B
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Hi Guys and first of all, let me apologise for not posting this sooner.
{Didn't realize we were having an impromptu Family gathering @ our place this weekend.}

As I have stated previously, this is not rocket science, so rather than speak to the Math Gurus here I will direct my comments to those that claim Math Confuthion.

OK: Here we go. I am presently working on it and probably 1/3 of the way through so...
If you wouldn't mind simply Making Notes of your questions until I post the whole thing, that would be terrific.

Meanwhile, here is the basis of "The Killer B"

Each Currency Pair moves in Price Every Day. Some more than others.
Each Pair have a Range of Ticks that the Market will accept as Normal.
Whether that be from:
1) The Open straight to the High OR Low Close of the Day.

2) The Open to an Intra Day Low & FROM THAT LOW TO THE HIGH OF THE DAY.
Or Vice Versa.
The Open to an Intra Day High & FROM THAT HIGH TO THE LOW OF THE DAY.

*Note* Abnormal Days Happen Too.

Our Objective is to catch some of that Daily move but first we have to Define "THE DAY."

Is it London, NY, Tokyo? That's up to you. {We'll discuss this later}But to the Strategy, "THE DAY" is 24 Hours Long.

GBP/USD Daily Chart. with H-L Indicator showing ~ 150p Range.

ps. Diallist, Presumptuous of me I know there anyway I could post the completed Strategy to an invisable thread for the mods {any that are willing that is} to proof it before posting Public?
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Name: K0.png
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Bemac Aug 6, 2007 4:17pm | Post# 23

Calculating MDR
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On the previous image, GBP/USD Daily, I have Calculated the H-L of Every Bar.{Black Histogram}.
I have also Eyeballed the level that may be considered as "Normal".{Red Line}.
Notice that the Red Line suggests that there is a pretty good chance that there may be a difference of 150p between Today's High & Low. But Which Way & How do I get some.

Well, Let's Zoom In & take a closer look.
Let's break that Daily Bar into 288 fragments and see if we can find some points of interest.
Yes. A 5 Minute Chart. But Remember, we are Trading based on the Daily. I only use the 5Min so that I can Trade Based on Close of a Minor Bar.
*Notice* I have now calculated the OHLC of the previous 24 Hour Period which gives me a Database {list of numbers refering to All the Previous OHLC} I can refer to.

Now I calculate a Specific number of ticks {pips} I can Reasonably Expect Between Today's Low to High. {111p on above Image. MDR in inspect window}

Code Logic.
Step 1. At the end of Each Session, Subtract the Low from the High. eg. {H-L} [Todays Range]
Step 2. Add to the Lowest result of Step1, the (Highest result of Step 1 Minus the Lowest Result of Step 1) Divided by 2. eg. {Min + ((Max-Min)/2)} [Median Day Range]

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Name: K1.png
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Bemac Aug 6, 2007 4:22pm | Post# 24

The Percentages of MDR
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If Today's OPEN AT MY SESSION START TIME. NOT THE SERVERS.{say 2.0340 @ 6:15 EST} is to be the High for the Day, then I could expect that 2.0229 would be the Low for the Day. {2.0340 - 0.0111 = 2.0229}
Still a Shot in The Dark though. Today's Open could be the Low for the Day. I Don't know which when it Opens.

So I have to wait for More Info.
The following percentages are raw and can be seasoned to the users preference.

Code Logic.
Step 3. If 111p = 100% of MDR what does 20% = ? {111*0.2} = 22.2p
Step 3. If 111p = 100% of MDR what does 80% = ? {111*0.8} = 88.8p

Wait for it to move 22.2 Pips in one direction {20% of MDR} to Enter In that Direction.
When it acheives 88.8 Pips in that direction, {80% of MDR} Take Profit on a 66 Pip Move and Exit.

Conservative Percentages.
33% of MDR from Open to Entry.
62% of MDR from Open to Exit
Targeting 29% of MDR or 32 Pips

Aggressive Percentages.
15% of MDR from Open to Entry.
96% of MDR from Open to Exit
Targeting 81% of MDR or 90 Pips

My Most Common Percentages.
20% of MDR from Open to Entry.
80% of MDR from Open to Exit
Targeting 60% of MDR or 66 Pips
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Name: K2.png
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Bemac Aug 6, 2007 4:28pm | Post# 25

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Initial Stop Loss {SL}
I know this will be a major topic of discussion in this thread but, presently I use a Stop & Reverse {SAR} method.
In other words, If I get a Long Signal because the 5 Min Crossed & Closed above the Upper 20% Entry Line, My Intial SL will be at the level of the Lower {Short Entry}Black Line.

Think about this when you decide which percentages you want to try as the Aggressive set will have more Whipsaws.

On this Strategy, I have another AutoStop set for 1 Hour before Session Start to ensure that I am Flat prior to Session Open.
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Name: K3.png
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Bemac Aug 6, 2007 4:28pm | Post# 26

Session Start Time
I use 6:15 EST as a default but not on All Pairs.
Why? Because I want to get the Pulse Before The Indicies Open.
Notice I'm also "Watching" Before Most Major News Events.
You may want to adjust this depending on your location on the Planet.

Ok. I have to go spend some time with my company {Family & Friends} Will be back here later.

Bemac Aug 6, 2007 5:11pm | Post# 27

For VTT Users.
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Oops: For those of you familiar with VTT
Forgot to post the Strategy.

As you will notice. We still have lots to discuss. I hope you have the time to stay tuned.

smjones Aug 6, 2007 5:15pm | Post# 28

Questions and Comments
Please post your comments and questions here.

Bemac would prefer to keep the strategy all together, until he is finished with it.

This post will be deleted when Bemac resumes

Bemac Aug 6, 2007 5:27pm | Post# 29

The Full Swarm
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Killer B's.

As you will ALL notice. We still have lots to discuss. Let's do that in the Comments thread please.
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Name: K4.png
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Bemac Aug 7, 2007 9:02pm | Post# 30

Lower Sub Frame
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OK, Let's talk about what is in the frame below the chart as it is used as both an Objective & Subjective Filter.

What we have here is a compilation of...
Standard Slow Stoh of the Chart TF we are looking at set at 4, 4, 2 {Blue Line}.

Custom Slow Stoh of the Chart from a Higher TF of our choice set at 4, 4, 2 {Default = 2 Hour TF & is Red Line}.

The "Overlayed Stohs" are an Objective Filter and have some input on triggering Entries Only.

The Vlm 100 is purely, at this point, a Subjective visual confirmation.

Tick Volume {I know, I know, but I suspect that if Vlm is UP @ Brkr 'A', Vlm is also UP @ Brkr 'B'} modified to run in a Scale between 0 to 100. Then it is visually enhanced by defining a Higher Close vs a Lower Close. {Blue Bar = Higher Close. Red Bar = Lower Close.}

Before we dig into it too deep. Look at wht happens to the price when the 2 Stohs Cross.

btw. I suppose I should mention that I have been using this system long before, and actually offered some opinions in the Sxy Stoh thread, but it appears the readers were not interested in my input.
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Bemac Aug 11, 2007 10:21am | Post# 31

How the Week turned out.
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Update to Chart in Post # 29.
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Name: K5.png
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Bemac Aug 12, 2007 4:26pm | Post# 32

How the Stohs work
The Only requisit the stohs have is that they be within a count of 10{ten} of each other to allow the Trade.
Think about it.
Other than the Dynamic TSL, which is based in 50% of target acheived Trailer kicks in. That's it.
Hey Scott,
Move it to the Systems Forum now if you like & ReName it "Killer B."

Bemac Aug 12, 2007 6:20pm | Post# 33

while I respect the mind behind the posts, the thinking is often beyond me.
Hi Peter, I should have responded to this long ago but se la vie.

The Riddle of my posts is merely my attempt to get Traders to THINK.
If you have any questions regarding my posts, then I got you to do just that.

Can I help you unravell the fankle? If so please, afford me the opportunity and, ask away.

JR97 Aug 12, 2007 7:26pm | Post# 34

Hey Bemac. Saw your thread and thought I'd stop in and say hi. Hope things are going well. Still using VT, I see, eh?

Bemac Aug 12, 2007 8:29pm | Post# 35

Hey Bemac. Saw your thread and thought I'd stop in and say hi. Hope things are going well. Still using VT, I see, eh?
Hey JR, Please check in often as I feel we could use your expertise in XL, API.
Yeah, still using VT.

{Searchin' for Stanley}
For those that don't know JR97.Socially he is an ice hockey fan. In business he will take your money and not have time to say 'Thank you' before he moves to his next contributer. An aspiration we all have,

JR97 Aug 12, 2007 9:57pm | Post# 36

Thanks for the compliment. As requested in one of the above posts, I'll keep my comments for the comments thread. I like the idea for the system, though.

and btw, bemac is the baddest VT programmer there is. Does the impossible with a limited programming architecture.

morse Aug 19, 2007 6:48am | Post# 37

Can you help

I have been following your thread with interest, I have read it 5 times.

I was confused at first about how to obtain the median, ATR is not I repeat not the median, I use MT4 and have a programme that calculates the ATR but not the median, I realise you use VT do you know any programme that can calculate the median for MT4 (I am not a programmer ). Also I am still not sure how many daily bars you calculate to obtain the median Is it the last daily Bar? i.e if it is Tuesday do you calculate Monday's Median? I wonder if you can run thorough another calculation on how you obtained the median. Thanks in advance for all your hard work

abedewi Aug 19, 2007 9:42am | Post# 38

System Visuals
Dear Bemac;
I hope we can get a clue about the success of this system in live trades and backtesting.
I also have one more question; did u disable the visuals in your system or not? beacuse I can't get my charts like the posted screens you posted earlier.



mcmep11 Aug 19, 2007 5:36pm | Post# 39

glad to see more interest in this, I also wasnt clear on how many candles back to use to calculate the median. I was looking at just the previous days candle, but some other posts made me question, can you clarify?

billflet Aug 21, 2007 12:47am | Post# 40

To all who are wondering why we haven't heard from Bemac:
He's out of the country attending to family matters. Namely his father's passing to the next world. Here's wishing him and his family all the best and a safe trip.


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