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jaxx80 Aug 8, 2012 5:07pm | Post# 1

Strange problem with MT4 self-scrolling
I am experiencing very annoying problem when looking at my charts:
When I have scrolled the chart several pages to the left and I have activated the crosshair and I hold my mouse pointer (the mouse buttons are not pressed down) somewhere on the chart for 10-15 seconds without moving it, the chart scrolls itself several bars on the left for no reason.
This is very annoying because at the given time I am looking at the numbers on the data window, and when the chart self-scrolls - my mouse pointer becomes positioned on another bar and I loose the bar and the data which I was reading
Of course the auto-scroll option is deactivated, so it is not the problem.
Do you know what can cause this problem?


SatchFan Aug 8, 2012 6:51pm | Post# 2

First thought was possibly some false input from a keyboard or a mouse. A button sticking, corrupted driver, things of that nature. Start investigating your mouse and keyboard for buttons that are sticking. Make sure you have your drivers handy for your input devices and if all else fails, try removing then reinstalling your input devices and their drivers.

Another thought would be if you have wireless input devices you might be getting some interference from another wireless device in the area.

Somethings to consider....

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