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sergiu Jun 6, 2007 11:53am | Post# 1

Drawing Objects vs Drawing lines
I would like to create an indicator that would draw a set of lines on the chart. The lines are not continuous and only need to be drawn when certain conditions are met. In this regard i have a couple of questions:

I am thinking that the way to do that would be by using objects instead of drawing with a Buffer if this makes sense.Am i correct in my assumption?
If so than by studying the ObjectCreate function from the dictionary it seems that every object needs to have an unique name assigned to it which is a bit of a problem since there are going to be hundreds of this objects to do what i need? Does anyone have any suggestions?

tesla Jun 6, 2007 12:01pm | Post# 2

You can do this with a buffer as well. When there's a line to draw, set the price as usual. When you want nothing, set buffer to EMPTY_VALUE.

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