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user666 Jul 9, 2012 4:24pm | Post# 921
also produce the same error in tester.

Can anybody explain nature of this error and what I have to do to eliminate it ?

50 backs will be paid for your efforts and time...

Yes, Mr HopWood, 50 USD - equal amount you are getting from Craig Stoltz for each delivered member for his forum. If this money are valuable amount for you why not explain me here what I do not know and why not earn them ?

Thank you advance !!!

P.S. God only time gives us on this Earth. Only TIME.... Think about it, when you push everyone spend EQUAL AMOUNT OF TIME to obtain knowledge.

user666 Jul 9, 2012 11:44pm | Post# 922

Set file for basket with better balls
Have anybody set file for EA "Basket with better balls" ?

user666 Aug 15, 2012 2:52pm | Post# 923

I still have the same error.

Can anybody explain why ?

pizdiec a ne forum

nu i pider cej Hopwood.

keansajeweki Jan 7, 2016 4:30pm | Post# 924

{quote} No. We are all at Forget Reversi. It is a failure.
Hello. I tried to register on your forum, but it's not working unfortunately.
How long do i have to wait till i can try it again?

Gr Keansajeweki

ILoveFOREX77 Apr 28, 2016 9:02am | Post# 925

Hi, thank you for helping newbies like myself!

I was reading your post about automating a renko trading strategy.

I'm interested in doing something similar. However I only want it to automatically do only 2 things - open a new trade when 1 renko brick changes direction in favor of the overall trend, and close when renko bar changes direction in the opposite direction of the trend.

I want to determine for myself the trend's direction, so I essentially only want to have 2 actions 1) open 1 renko bar going up, close 1 renko bar going down, and 2) open 1 renko bar going down, close 1 renko bar going up.

Being as I'm so new, I don't know how to develop this automated strategy myself. I'm utilizing 'Metatrader 4 Version 4.00, Build 950' and specifically 'RenkoBar.ex4' as my Renko indicator.

Your help is tremendously appreciated! Thank you!

ILoveFOREX77 Apr 28, 2016 12:40pm | Post# 926

I'm also considering an automatic Renko trading system that automatically opens and closes trades when candles switch.

Ie. first green candle place trade. First red candle close trade and open new one. And repeat.

Your help is appreciated!

Spudfan Oct 20, 2018 9:54am | Post# 927

Does anyone know where I can find an EA where I first identify a possible trade manually and then switch on the EA and ask it to place a pending limit order on a moving average and then to trail that order along the MA until price revisits it, thus triggering the order? I would be happy to set long/short manually, but if the EA knows how to do that using 2 MAs, even better.

I'd be really grateful if someone could assist.

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