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8drem Feb 27, 2010 6:29am | Post# 1

Scalp-hello Trading System - italians understand the name :)
Hi everybody now another scalping technic I use with 10 percent of my profits, this technick is very simple and the rules are few

1st situaltion scalping the trend.

when the market is in trend please verify there are not reverse condition in 15 min chart

go to 1min chart
PROFITS 4 to 10 pips, STOP LOSS pivot of the previous 5 min candle

measure top and bottoms of the chart and use an EMA of the period of the wave distance

only trade trend direction enter when the curren price cross the EMA make a first target of 4 pips and wait the for other if the position is reversing I close to 0 gain.

second situation SCALP Range market:
where ranges are small (1 MIN chart)
this technique is simple sell the top and buy the bottom on the next bar that draw a pivot

when the range is important here hot to trade a scalping take a standard stochastic and trade short due the signal cros from over sold and over bought levels, the stochastic line must cross the horizontal line.

Belive in me, scalping is a risky technique, trade only a part of your gain!

later a post some examples of entries

it you like this simple method, pleas vote for it and give me your feedback.

thank you very much for reading.

8drem Feb 27, 2010 6:38am | Post# 2

here some images
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here some examples of the setup,

do not complicate easy things
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8drem Feb 27, 2010 6:49am | Post# 3

another sample
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here another sample on the MA, the period is calculated on the distance of the wave pivot in 5 min chart entry is in 1 min chart

scalping is dangerous, be careful
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