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tonyb123 Feb 2, 2010 10:27pm | Post# 1

HA T3-1 System
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Hi to All, This is the HA-T3-1 System, (Thanks for the name Flyer) that I have been working on for a couple months. I have been tweaking it and modifying it and Demo trading the different combination of indicators to get the highest winning probability trades. This System that I am presenting today is a mixture of different strategies and systems that I have paid good money to learn. So first, I would like to thank those who have helped me from this forum, directly or indirectly and to acknowledge those creators of the different systems I have used to make this system. This is a TREND trading system that follows the 4 Hour Trend. Trading direction signals are generated on the 4 Hour Chart and All Trades are executed on the 30 Minute Chart. Of course you can use the Daily Chart for longer trends or even the 1 Hour Chart for shorter trends, whatever you like best. You will have more than enough opportunities to trade in one day with the 4 Hour trend, that is why I like it best. I have this set to trade 15 different currency pairs and I trade the EUROPE, LONDON and US sessions. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENTS, TONYB123. TREND TEMPLATES GO ON 4 HOUR CHARTS. TRADE TEMPLATE GOES ON 30 MIN CHART.

ha t3 trade entry chart email on.tpl
ha t3 trend signal email off.tpl
ha t3 trend signal email on.tpl

Jaula Feb 2, 2010 10:31pm | Post# 2

Hi Tony

How many pips do you average say weekly or monthly?

What's you biggest loss on a trade and your biggest profit on a single trade?


CatPreacher Feb 2, 2010 10:32pm | Post# 3

Looks interesting
I will be interested in seeing what comes of this thread!

Best wishes,

Cat Preacher

tonyb123 Feb 2, 2010 10:36pm | Post# 4

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tonyb123 Feb 2, 2010 10:45pm | Post# 5

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Here are the screen shots for you to digest. For those of you interested in the pip count i average between 400 conservatively to 700 a day. So check it out. I have to get to bed now so i am fresh for the euro session. I will be back in a few hours to answer questions. God bless.
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Name: ha  t3-1 4hour entry indications.jpg
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Name: ha  t3-1 4hour trend change strength.jpg
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Name: ha  t3-1 4hour trend change short.jpg
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erikte279 Feb 2, 2010 11:03pm | Post# 6


camvcvoo Feb 2, 2010 11:08pm | Post# 7

Looking forward to countless pips using this system.


jtmoore007 Feb 2, 2010 11:17pm | Post# 8

Interesting. Going out of town for 2 weeks. Let the tread get underwY and see how much it has changed by the time I get back. I'm sure there will b 10 different eas for this by then and a couple hundred more indis.

Let's see how it develops. Looming forward to demoing this when I get back. Hope it doesn't change any untill I get back! Wait on me if yall don't mind

buffalopip Feb 3, 2010 12:05am | Post# 9

Thanks for sharing this trading style should show some interesting charts this week due to NFP report and a few others interesting on how it plays out ..... will follow your style of trading .... so far i like it and looks very promising ....

yunielescaz Feb 3, 2010 1:20am | Post# 10

400-700pips a day is wow! lookin forward to seeing this system mature.

reachjj Feb 3, 2010 1:30am | Post# 11


Can you please tell what will be the avg number trades per day as we are trading based on H4, I believe there will be very less number of trades. And also avg pips per day in your last few months.


yunielescaz Feb 3, 2010 2:01am | Post# 12

hi after reading your word doc, i noticed that 3sma isnt used and 5MA is used optionally, no problems if i removed both right?

tonyb123 Feb 3, 2010 6:52am | Post# 13

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Good morning, for me anyway. Just woke up a little while ago, stayed up to late.= Get up too late. A few currencies made some small moves right after i went to bed could have bagged a quick hundred pips while i slept. OH well, NY is coming up. This is a new thread and of course there are going to be questions about the pip count, i know that is a top priority for most. 400- 700 a day is really not that hard, IF you are not in love with any one currency. There will be days when things are very flat. Don't worry about those days and about making thousands of pips a week. Have a realistic goal to start with and a realistic schedule to attain that goal and start working toward it. Like i said in the first post, This is a TREND trading system, Markets do not trend all the time. As far as the 4 Hour Trend goes you can use whatever time frame you choose, longer or shorter.My preference is the 4 Hour. If markets are in a range on the 4 Hour, drop down to the 1 Hour to identify a Trend and trade your entries from the 5 Min Chart. There are no Hard and fast rules, just guides to get you started. Another option is to just open your 1 Hour chart and trade the signals given there as long as you know the strength or weakness of that time frame and only trade in that direction. That is for the folks who like gambling. Now back to the basics. This will be the last post for me to address other methods of trading this system until we get to the ADD ON SIGNALS. Let's try not to confuse one another with all the different variations we can come up with. Let's progress with what i have laid out in the first post and build on that and when most have gotten the hang of it then we can move on to bigger and better things. If there is still any interest in it. I would like to post a chart without any of my comments attached and have you comment on the condition of the Trend based on the information I pointed out in the previous screen shots. Just so we can grow together in our knowledge of the Strength or Weakness of the Trend. And how to use all the tools we have to help us do that. Ok enough of me.
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Name: ha  t3-1 4hour trend evaluation.gif
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billbss Feb 3, 2010 6:55am | Post# 14

You need paragraphs with those long posts.
They are almost unreadable.
Try reading one of them and you'll see what I mean.

tonyb123 Feb 3, 2010 7:09am | Post# 15

Hi, Yunielescaz,
hi after reading your word doc, i noticed that 3sma isnt used and 5MA is used optionally, no problems if i removed both right?
I have not said it yet but I do use the MA's. They give me a guide of price momentum. The angle of them. Also if you keep your charts zoomed out a bit like mine you can see support and resistance areas easier without racking your brain. The yellow stands out best for that (3).Thanks for taking a interest and I hope to see you prospering using this system.

tonyb123 Feb 3, 2010 7:11am | Post# 16

You need paragraphs with those long posts.
They are almost unreadable.
Try reading one of them and you'll see what I mean.
Yes bill you are right just had a lot to say and wanted to get it all on the first page before there were 50 posts. Thanks for stopping by.

tonyb123 Feb 3, 2010 7:16am | Post# 17

Just so you all know I am not a typist. And I wrote my posts in Word, then cut and pasted it. It takes out the paragraph when you do that. Not a good idea.

tonyb123 Feb 3, 2010 7:41am | Post# 18

Entry Tip
If you have a currency that looks good to place trades on and you go to the 30 min chart and see that the signal was a while ago, drop down to the 15 Min Chart and take the next signal in the trend direction. Then monitor it from the higher Time Frames. So, anyone want to comment on the last screen shot?

ukcool Feb 3, 2010 8:06am | Post# 19

Tony are your setting for the W-lnx and AO default

tonyb123 Feb 3, 2010 8:46am | Post# 20

Thank you for asking me that question, because i had to check again and i found out that i posted my test settings from the wrong file with the wrong settings. I have updated the first post with the correct templates and settings. To answer your question, yes the a.o. And the w-lnx are set to the default settings.

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