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slimcat Sep 6, 2009 1:56pm | Post# 1

Amazing idea, ea request
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Hi Guys,
Sorry for the title but had to get you interested didn't I
was wondering if any programmers want to take this on.

Example 1:
Imagine it is Sunday evening, gbp/yen is trading at 150 at the start of the session. It moves up 35 pips then from that point moves down 65 pips, the ea will then go short, take profit 65 and stop loss 65.
Visual backtests on this pair suggest that 65 pips is the ideal box size for this ea. ( see attached chart)
The ea is basically looking for the low or high then initiates the trade when price is 65 pips above or below the high or low.

Example 2
Monday evening, price is trading at 152, it moves down 47 pips then up 65 pips ea goes long take profit 65 stop loss 65.

Once the trade has either hit profit or loss it looks for the next time the price has changed direction by 65 pips.

The chart explains it better than words!!
ea exits trades at the start of the next session whether in profit or loss.

Visually this looks very good going back years in this pair but only an ea will validate the results.
If this gets developed we can test it on other pairs with different box sizes.


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