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todd960960 Aug 26, 2009 4:39pm | Post# 1

EA help?
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Anyone bored and wants to program me an EA out of a couple of indicators?

It's nothing special or the holy grail. I just would like to play around with it a bit.

When these two indicators line up as the same color at the close of the current bar, then go long or short.

Max MACD turns blue and the HG_0001a also turns blue then go long. But they have to both turn blue and stay blue during that last second of the candle (5min). Then the EA stays long until the HG_0001a turns red at the last second of a candle. HG_0001a yellow bars are ignorned. Opposite of course for going short.

They must both become the same color at the end of the price bar. One indicator can't be blue for several bars and then have the other indicator turn blue. Must turn same color from another color at same time (current bar).

Wow, not sure if this makes sence or not. Seems like a lot of explaining for something that seems so simple.

MACD setting is:
FastEMA= 12
SlowEMA= 26
applied_price= 0

If no one has time then no biggy.


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