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davn Mar 23, 2005 9:17am | Post# 1

How to decide?
I'm testing out both FX Sol's trading platform,IFX Commerce's and Interbank FX.

1)GTS and Interbank FX's load faster, almost immediate while IFX's take up to 20-25 seconds arrpox.

2)Price update, I place all 3 side by side and noticed that GTS shows market flunctuation more while Interbank FX and IFX is a little slow. GTS will hop around before settling down on par with the other 2, but I did notice GTS showing 1 pip higher than the other 2.

My question is, does this affect a trader in any way?

fxpro Mar 24, 2005 3:34am | Post# 2

Sure it affects the trader. Those are the prices you are getting in and out on. The better question is does this affect the trading in a negative way, and to that I would say no. Consistency in rates is a much more important factor. If IFX's rates are 2 pips higher than all the other brokers, in the long run this will even itself out as long as you are playing both long and short. However, if IFX's rates are 2 pips higher when the market is moving up, and 2 pips lower when the market is moving down, they are showing a market bias and I would not trade with them. I've never traded with IFX, I am just using them as an example. Hope this helps.

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