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zackyat Dec 26, 2004 3:50am | Post# 1

damn oanda stop hunting my account
at 18 gmt this friday dec 24, my gbpusd was stopped out at 1.9183 which is the lowest point at 18 gmt because of the spike at that time.
Damn! Obvious execution of stop hunting by oanda.
When i checked other brokers, they never even reach 1.9200.
For example, the lowest price reached by fxsol at 18 gmt was 1.9214
Even the lowest for fxcm was 1.9192

can somebody with an oanda account confirm that it did reach 1.9183.
i always thought that oanda was okay when i asked everybody before opening an account.
i must call oanda and get my money back!

hun83 Dec 26, 2004 5:28am | Post# 2

I found this post on Oanda's forum.;f=17;t=001446
Please keep posting your experience with Oanda.

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