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syria Nov 24, 2008 10:26am | Post# 1

USDCAD 900 pips / elliot wave - glenn neely
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USDCAD to 1.1650
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ph3onix Jan 6, 2010 4:00pm | Post# 2

This chart is wrong. The impulse at left - where is the extention? One of the impulse wave MUST BE extented (as minimum as 161.8% of the second wave by size).

Internal ABC zigzags have wrong time for B-waves. Time of B-wave in zigzag must be bigger or the same than time A+C (usualy).

Small abc zigzag which have impulse in c-wave, is also having wrong impuse (no extended wave).

Please note that EXTENTION is the most important factor while identifing impulses, so be aware thinking that you see impulse if no extention found.

it seems your [b] wave is the terminal figure, or possibly doublezigzag, but there is no simple zigzag there.

Good luck.

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