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Yoda_Glenn Jan 5, 2007 7:40am | Post# 1

“Alien Infector,” an MT4 script idea
I have an idea for a most nifty, and near impossible-to-code MT4 script. It’s simply called “Alien Infector,” and what it does is actually manipulate non-MT4 trading platforms so that they can run MT4 Eas. This is probably near impossible, I know, but it would be nifty if such a code existed because then we could run MT4 EAs on the trading platforms of ECNs (like EFX Group, for example.) No Dealing Desk + Your favorite EA. This probably wouldn’t be a simple script, within MT4, but a piece of code could be written outside of it, and within MT4 to pull off such a task. The code would also have to be customizable to a non-MT4-Trading-platform's short keys for buying and selling. This way, the EA could be used on any platform. If there are no short-keys to a non-MT4's trading platform, then the program could be trained to execute extremely fast mouse/movement/clicking macros instead. It would also have to reroute the data feed from the non-MT4 platform to the EA itself (of your choice) within MT4. Just a an idea I’m throwing out.

Happy Trading

Seavo Jan 5, 2007 9:37am | Post# 2

great thought :-)
Hi Yoda_Glenn,

I actually had a similar idea for getting EAs out into my Oanda account and halfway finished a few nifty little scripts that would do it. You wouldn't want my code (it's still super buggy), but you can use AutoIT to create the macros and then there's a nifty program on forex-tsd that allows you to run any app you want (I found it by searching for "run program"). Sorry I can't post the link.

The data feed issue was what finally killed the idea for me. Since you can't get Oanda's feed without a $600/mo subscription, it put a serious damper on the idea.
Let me know if you get any good ideas. I really think it's a great idea :-)


dwmcqueen Jan 22, 2007 10:52am | Post# 3

How did you get AutoIt to switch to the right currency symbol in Oanda?

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