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MicheleTonin Aug 15, 2019 5:53am | Post# 181

I would like to know how to work with Monowave Group. At page 3-30, Neely says "When you have completed the Rule identification process for the current m1, move to the next monowave in the sequence (which previously was m2), make that monowave the new m1 [...]". My question is: what happens if the wave, which previously was m2, is not a monowave but a Monowave Group (ex. consisting of 3 monowaves)?
I guess there are two possible solutions:
a) I consider all the Monowave Group as a single monowave which starts at the beginning of the first monowave and ends at the end of the last monowave (if MG consisting of 3 monowaves, the last is the third)
b) I analyze each monowave individually: I consider the first Monowave as m1, then I consider the second Monowave as m1 and finally the third monowave as m1.
Both the solutions have something wrong:
a) At page 3-15, Neely expressly says "m1 must be a monowave" so I can't consider a Monowave Group as m1
b) When I apply the Rule Identifiers, ex. Rule 1 Cond b "place x:c3? at the end of m2", and m2 is a Monowave Group, Have to place x:c3 to all three monowave?
I would really appreciate a clarification in this regard.
Thank you so much

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