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CassandraK Apr 20, 2019 11:35am | Post# 1154081

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EUR/USD pushed down from the Kijun line. The impulse was quite powerful. Tenkan, Kijun and Ichimoku cloud remained above the price, which indicates the emerging downward trend.

Stochastic fell just below 50, the potential for downward movement is still there. Probably the pair will continue to move down.
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PatienceFx Apr 20, 2019 12:38pm | Post# 1154082

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usd index multiple hits of 97.15

so Monday eurusd may go up if 97.15 holds

no more eur shorts for me for some time
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Oc6oph Apr 20, 2019 10:19pm | Post# 1154083

There’s an M on dollar index chart looks bearish to me

Techanalyst Apr 21, 2019 2:01am | Post# 1154084

There’s an M on dollar index chart looks bearish to me
No M formation on usdollar charts.

Oc6oph Apr 21, 2019 2:08am | Post# 1154085

{quote} No M formation on usdollar charts.
Its already broke the M looks to be forming a big M now

PatienceFx Apr 21, 2019 3:10am | Post# 1154086

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usd index multiple hits of 97.15 so Monday eurusd may go up if 97.15 holds no more eur shorts for me for some time {image}
if 1215 support holds this year, then i see a positive breakout to 1726 or 1885 max
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PatienceFx Apr 21, 2019 3:13am | Post# 1154087

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on daily a drop to 1215 or a little lower may happen before things get going, so lets see how it goes before the june usd rate hike

eurusd will need to hold its ground above 1300 for any positive movement otherwise i see all the alphabets including M B C D E F I
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Name: EURUSDDaily.png
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sponge Apr 21, 2019 3:27am | Post# 1154088

I favour downside atm 1.1270 first port of call London open could spring it but I'm thinking upside is limited If we can cruise past 1312 I'll jump ship {image}
I think the EU has entered a new down trend with the first target still at 1.1190.

Any retracement over 1.1270 could change the outlook.

If it manages to clear 1.1312 I think we could challenge the March high.

Longer term I think this market is bullish but in monthly terms it could take a while to show, we have 6 months leading up to October delayed Brexit.

my 2p

fontu Apr 21, 2019 5:28am | Post# 1154089

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Last few days busy with other things and so engage again trading next Monday tracking usdx in smaller tf to see how much it may bull , no great direct up, to me all currencies actually interacting in weak modes! Take care.
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Techanalyst Apr 21, 2019 11:41am | Post# 1154090

{quote} Its already broke the M looks to be forming a big M now
You are not being specific. Show the charts, what timeframe?

fontu Apr 21, 2019 3:52pm | Post# 1154091

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{quote} You are not being specific. Show the charts, what timeframe?
May be he refer to daily/weekly double top and and as the last swing diamond like but not real one, so can have 3 top big bear if weekly double is not enough for any great yet!!great failure can be 96.78 next. Let the bull fail first bet great.
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KeenPips Apr 21, 2019 4:49pm | Post# 1154092

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Here's a top-down technical perspective on the EURUSD.

Price action on the daily time frame has formed a large wedge from the ascending trendline (dark violet) traceable to December 2016 and an external descending trendline (red) traceable to March 2018. Presently, price action has shifted southwards of the descending trendline to respect an inner descending trendline (blue), leaving a channel of diagonal resistance between the two trendlines. This is apparently favorable to bears but it is not likely that bears can drive a southward momentum until the wedge support is broken down on a daily closing basis. Any bullish operational mode is likely to be temporary in nature.

From the H4 time frame, it is apparent that the impulsive trend is downwards but the market is presently experiencing a correction.

I may be wrong. Trade safe and prosper.


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Beyfor Apr 21, 2019 5:31pm | Post# 1154093

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Failure OR Extended ???
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wasntme Apr 21, 2019 10:35pm | Post# 1154094

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{quote} im with you still short cause i got in at good levels especially above 1280 last only 26 pips down and will collect fridays,sat,and sun swap so that will help me lower my average a little I reposted this usd chart several times and price should touch my yellow line before it falls kicking myself cause i went long usd/try couple weeks ago but not nearly enough since i keep trading this fatass cow e/u. usd/try lookin to breakout higher just because the dollah will go up thats a monthly chart so it can...

if u click my quote ull see my monthly dollah charti posted before and earlier ones even from months back....imagine thats a 5 minute chart whats the most likely direction its gona go?...whoever thinks the dollah is goin down anytime soon except for a day or two is mistaken...

thats why im bearish euro...the best the bulls will get is range trading
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fontu Apr 21, 2019 10:43pm | Post# 1154095

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Gap down but ok to correct to tl/limit usdx, better it fill gap to smooth down, hope not as chances likely to keep for next up try. Following.

Similarly eu correct towards 1300 to decide if
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maxpaneplp Apr 22, 2019 12:45am | Post# 1154096

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I am in short in EU because it breaks correction related to previous bearish impulse.

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PatienceFx Apr 22, 2019 12:55am | Post# 1154097

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surely i cannot buy that, can i ? but sometime this week i will get my chance
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Name: EURUSDDaily.png
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PatienceFx Apr 22, 2019 1:04am | Post# 1154098

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below 1245 its bearish, but a move above will give a sound level to short harder lol
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Name: EURUSDM30.png
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PatienceFx Apr 22, 2019 1:20am | Post# 1154099

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absence of any major news today
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Aleksbuk Apr 22, 2019 2:42am | Post# 1154100

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