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BlondePeach May 22, 2020 7:57pm | Post# 1

Java EA/AI/Algorithm/API developers exchange

Is the IDEA is the best IDE for Java EA/AI/Algorithm/API development IDE, or something is above it? Is there any plugins/addons/panel/package/toolbox for IDEA to help traders develop Spot Forex trading EA/AI/Algorithm/API more practical and easier?

Is statistic simulation with Monte Carlo is something higher or lower in term of accuracy for perfectly simulate the various market situations and evaluate the developed/implemented Java EA/AI/Algorithm to get the results of the backtest of previous market tick data(whether how many years tick data available) can be better evaluation or both methods required?

Is the final implemented Java EA/AI/Algorithm would be broker dependent or can develop a portable one that can be used on every broker that offers API connection without the need to redevelop the code based on new broker's API and Object-oriented Class-library?

How to develop/implement this modular based to keep the core calculations beyond the brokers API logic and Object-oriented Class-library?

Java EA/AI/Algorithm shall be done in four scenarios:
1) Only to close already opened positions in DynamicProfit state(whether manually opened positions or positions opened by EA/AI/Algorithm execution)?
2) Only opens positions whether strategy/condition confirms entries and leave the positions on SoftStop and SoftTakeProfit?
3) Open and close positions when the EA/AI/Algorithm implemented, run locally/remotely(on VPS), while profitable entry confirmed initially by the trader?
4) Open and close positions in log run of EA/AI/Algorithm implemented, run locally/remotely(on VPS) without need for confirming entry point from the trader. Everything is done automatically without the intervention of the trader. Only intervention from a trader would be turning the EA/AI/Algorithm implemented in great uncertain times when ubiquitous and unpredictable movements will/can potentially happen to prevent unexpected big fat loss?

AI concepts;
Matlab, Markov and HMM Algorithms
Machine learning by AI Algorithms
Deep Learning by AI Algorithms
AI Bee Colony Algorithm
Trajectory projection one step AForge NN Trajectory projection for OHLC data by AI/NN
NN, AI and TensorFlow algorithms and implementations
NN and Use of Bee Colony Algorithms to Solve ubiquity in price movements
AI Libraries (Java)
Machine Learning Libraries (Java)
Ant Colony Optimization
Cartesian Genetic Programming
Genetic Algorithm
Genetic Programming
Hidden Markov Model
Particle Swarm Optimization
Simulated Bee Colony
Support Vector Machine
Trajectory projection the next close price
Trajectory projection market movement

Any algorithm ideas and implementation discussion about these concepts welcome

Tnx and best of luck

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