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meng88 Nov 15, 2012 4:15am | Post# 101

I think most unseccessful traders know what they should be doing but can't/won't actually do it. People look in the wrong place (holy grail) for the answer to their problems when they need to work on themselves.
True story. Most of people just know what to do. Who can't do teach)
Whatever the eternal truth is in learning))

wendigo Nov 15, 2012 7:19pm | Post# 102

over complication is the main reason markets arent complicated people make them complicated


G33maroon Nov 15, 2012 9:37pm | Post# 103

Almost all trading methods/approaches work. The problem is that they can not work all the time and the timing of their application is the issue. People will suddenly begin to think that they are missing out instead of being happy with what success they have and sticking with it. They become traders who only want to follow. They fall for those stupid threads written by 'trading social workers' who claim to have developed methods that will generate 99% success rate. It comes down to self belief...
This is one of the reasons why many will fail. No amount of meditation, psycho pills you ate, commando training or even financial management courses you attended will save you if you get this one wrong.

My apology to quote this to make my point. and its my personal opinion.

bogus Nov 16, 2012 1:05am | Post# 104

I think most unseccessful traders know what they should be doing but can't/won't actually do it. People look in the wrong place (holy grail) for the answer to their problems when they need to work on themselves. Like you say there is a bunch of info out there on how to actually trade. If it was easy to follow rules and trading plans then there would be a lot more successful traders.

It's damn hard to follow rules and trading plans, especially for lazy people who have seen too much marketing hype/BS on how to get rich quick through FX..
I totally agree.

heysam2010 Nov 18, 2012 3:26pm | Post# 105

I think 90% of traders fail because can't control their emotion, not discipline with money management.

5556085 Nov 19, 2012 8:46am | Post# 106

Cut your "Stop losses "
Give your "Take profit" gain gain gain it more than you can
Money management - Yes, it's true - it can be in your trading system.

zamex Nov 26, 2012 4:17pm | Post# 107

Why 90% traders fail?

Because Forex is not easy & to be successful, you have to pass the following stages successfully.

Stage1: Learn Forex, Practice Forex, Find a strategy & Follow it with discipline

Just to understand it better, let's assume we have 100 new traders who wants to try Forex for various reasons. Now the first three parts; Learning, Practicing and Finding a profitable (& suitable) strategy for you can be easy as lots of forex resources available (online, forums, books & mentors) BUT is still very time consuming tasks. And among those 100 traders, there are people from different backgrounds, some work full time, some study full time, some have a running business, etc and it's really hard to spare the time needed for these tasks. If they pass these tasks, then the hardest part is very difficult to pass; that is, to Follow your strategy with Discipline. How many of the 100 traders, do you think, will finally pass the First stage successfully? For educational purpose only, let's assume (50% success rate, 50 passed out of 100)

Stage2: Enough Funds to support your Equity.

Lack of funds is what fails most of the traders in this game. And by Enough Funds I donít mean $1,000 or $10,000 but itís in $100,000 plus digits. Because itís not realistic to have a small account size and expect making a living out of it. Thatís the mistake most traders make. And this is what makes them trade big lots that end up in margin calls. If a trader simply follows this rule of not risking more than 1 or 2% on any single trade, there is no way to blow the account anytime soon. Whatís the average account size of a new trader? $500-$2000? And what do you think would be a realistic expectation per month from this account? Only $10-50 (thatís still a lot). Is it worth it trading that hard for a month for just $50? Instead one can easily make much more than that in a single day by working even with minimum wage and no investment to risk. Let's assume 20% success rate here, so now we have only 10 traders left who successfully completed the first 2 stages.

Stage3: Finding an Honest Broker (10

This is a stage, which is totally out of a trader's control and here I totally agree with evertontradeís point of view that NEVER STOP BEING SCEPTICAL. Letís say all those remaining 10 traders are ready to go Live by investing their hard earned money with a broker. Some of those 10 traderís will fall pray into some bucket shops (brokers) and will face all the difficulties like (platform problems, spread widening, re quotes, SL hunting, withdrawal problems, etc etc.) and What are the chances of the remaining traders?

Never Stop Being Sceptical...
Letís say they are very good at implementing their strategy and are profitable, the question is For How Long? By going Live and by trading with a broker, they are actually revealing their strategy to a broker. Who is a broker? An entity that has 1000 times more Funds/Money that the trader. Why donít they (broker) just follow these profitable traderís trades, instead of earning only 2 pips spread from them? Why donít they (broker) just hire those few profitable traderís and let them trade for them in big digits? Is there any affect on a strategy when it reaches the masses? What if all or most of the traders use the same strategy?
Never Stop Being Sceptical...

hanover Nov 30, 2012 9:07pm | Post# 108

Not sure but the poll adds up to 199.11%
That's because half of the world's traders don't know when to enter; half don't know when to exit; and the other half can't spell lose (they're too loose with their spelling).

khanderoo Dec 1, 2012 1:03pm | Post# 109

I chose "Others" in the poll because I believe that money management is just 1 component & not the whole universe of trading...

I summarize my opinion of why most traders fail in just 1 sentence, "They can't keep what they have"...

This statement can be seen as a money management problem, but it actually isn't...Keeping what you have is not solely money management...Keeping a winning trade is not related to money management...Keeping away from low probablility trades (And thus keeping your capital without high probability risks) is not...
After so many years, I have came to the same conclusion. I call it lack of patience to follow the trading plan. To me patience and trading without stress is everything.


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